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Trader Joe's Coming To Merritt Island

Trader Joe's will open its first location in Brevard County, Commissioner Jim Barfield announced on Wednesday.

"I can officially announce that Trader Joe's is coming to Merritt Island!! Good job Brevard County, we finally did it! More details to come soon..," Barfield posted on his Facebook page.
The Monrovia, California-based grocery is known for its unique gourmet, organic, and vegetarian products. Many of Trader Joe's products come under its own label, even though many of the products are suspected of being name brand products packaged as store brands.
Although Barfield did not disclose the specific location, there are plenty of options of empty retail space in Merritt Island for a Trader Joe's to occupy following the closings of major retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Circuit City, and Sports Authority.

Trader Joe's was recently ranked America's third most-favorite grocery store.


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