Smiths Light up Brevard With Space Coast Trimlight
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Smiths Light up Brevard With Space Coast Trimlight

Smiths Light up Brevard With Space Coast Trimlight

DJ entertainment, virtual business cards, sneeze guards and sophisticated home lighting systems may not seem related, but they are interconnected in Jenna and Frederick Smith’s universe.

The Melbourne entrepreneurs, who have made a career of swiftly pivoting to seize opportunities as they present themselves, own successful businesses that encompass all aforementioned subjects.

The journey commenced with Frederick when serving as military police in the Army. After helping maintain order, he launched a DJ service during his off hours. When a tour of duty that included Korea was over, Frederick headed home in 1985 and joined the Melbourne Police Department. He also discovered that a party animal like him could make what had been a former part-time gig into a full-time career on the Space Coast.

“I realized there was a demand for a DJ service that was about more than just playing music,” he said.

Thus, in 1997 the entertainment and event production company known as Sophisticated Gents was born. 

“We offer complete event production for private, corporate and public events,” said Frederick, whose title is “president and chief party officer.” 

He had left the police force to grow a business that, as Frederick puts it, was not just about being a DJ, but rather a “party motivator.” The Smiths’ event business focuses on weddings, including destination weddings, plus corporate events such as holiday parties, fundraisers, company picnics and conventions, and school events that include proms, homecomings and dances.

“We work to make every event joyous and tasteful,” he said. “Entertainment can make or break a special day. Twenty years from now, your guests probably won’t remember the food or the décor, but they will remember the fun they had.”

He definitely had something in the concept, given the testimonials from happy customers. 

“Anything we asked for, he was right on top of it,” said Taniqua Andrews of the party Frederick delivered for her wedding.

Business was great and the Smiths had a full plate until a problem emerged: the pandemic. 

“When COVID struck, all our events were canceled for a year and a half,” Jenna said. 

The couple decided to market virtual business cards shareable by SMS, which they had first used for Sophisticated Gents. In a world where paper is becoming obsolete, the cards struck a chord with customers, particularly military recruiters.

“Several recruiters had worked with us as DJs and they suggested we sell the cards,” explained Jenna. “They love them because the high school kids they deal with won’t keep regular business cards, but they always have their cell phones.”

As the pandemic waged on, the enterprising Smiths added more ammunition to their business arsenal: acrylic sneeze guards, a move that proved serendipitous.

“We were shipping them all over the country,” Jenna said.

This included orders pouring in from the Air Force. All good things come to an end, however, and the sneeze guard endeavor slowed as the pandemic waned. Jenna and Frederick didn’t just sit back.

“When things calmed down, we used the income from the sneeze guards and invested in a Trimlight dealership,” Jenna said.

The Smiths joined the more than 100 dealers carrying Utah-based Trimlight, the country’s first and most popular permanent LED lighting for homes and businesses. These lighting systems add a bright layer of “curb appeal” to any home building, pool enclosure, pergola or boat deck. 

Think a mashup of holiday and security lighting, and add a massive amount of customization, and that is Space Coast Trimlight, lighting up Brevard one house at a time. 

When night falls, the professionally installed patented lighting system serves as a stunning accent that, as an added bonus, eliminates the need to ever again risk life and limb hanging holiday lights. During the day, it is practically invisible. 

With the touch of an app, customers can choose from virtually unlimited color and animation options, so the lights can change throughout the year to celebrate everything from the Fourth of July to the championship win of a favorite football team. 

Customers love the unique lights that serve both decorative and protective purposes. 

“Trimlight is genius! You don't have to worry about hanging lights or taking them down ever again. I highly recommend Trimlight,” said Holli Kennard of Palm Bay. “It’s perfect for everyday use, holidays, special occasions and even game day.”

Meanwhile, the Smiths are still heating up the party scene with Sophisticated Gents.

“If you are still looking for your DJ, you can stop here,” said Darby Janz of Melbourne. 

Tori Garner used the Smith’s DJ service for her wedding, and she could not have been happier. 

“Frederick worked hard to coordinate my bridal party and transition the night to keep us on time. Working with Frederick and Jenna was the best part of planning my wedding.”

As if running multiple businesses is not enough for the multi-tasking Smiths, the couple also orchestrate bridal shows and home-and-garden expos. 

Business is booming again for the Smiths, and that is good, except for one problem. 

“Free time is scarce,” Jenna said. 




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