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Challenge Gifted Kids With Curriculum

Challenge Gifted Kids With Curriculum

All parents delight in the achievements of their child. They know that selecting a great VPK program is the beginning of their child’s success in school, yet, the task of finding a program that allows your child to soar while still encompassing the joys of childhood, such as daily music, art and outdoor fun, is not an easy one.

A Montessori school fits this parental quest, seeking to find the giftedness in each student through a curriculum that will challenge them. One child may be learning to count to 10 while another has taken out the golden chain and is skip counting by tens to 1,000. Montessori lessons are focused on the individual needs of each student.

Dr. Maria Montessori saw children as having the uncanny ability to absorb the immense knowledge found in their environment when it is available to them. She developed a scientifically proven method preparing specially designed materials that call to the young child to touch and experience, thus grasping the knowledge within the material. The method of sequential material that builds one concept onto the next creates a strong academic foundation.

The concept of mixed age groups, mirroring society, allows the academically accelerated child to stay socially connected with peers while advancing academically. Academically accelerated children are a great fit for Montessori. This pre-school program allows children the opportunity to expand beyond basic VPK standards to curriculum that is found in kindergarten and first grade. These learning opportunities found in a Montessori classroom are presented in a developmentally appropriate way, suitable for your 4-year-old child.

Here is a brief example of how a Montessori VPK program compares to a traditional VPK program:


Knows the sounds of the alphabet letters  
Blends sounds into three letter words
Reads three-letter-word books
Writes a sentence with the movable alphabet 

Recognizes lower and upper case
Recognizes some letter sounds
Writes his name

Foundation for working with decimal system 
Adds and subtracts (units, tens, hundreds, thousands)
Counts by 1’s to 100, multiplies and divides, with use of hands-on Montessori materials


Identifies numbers 1-15
Matches object to numeral 10
Counts by 1’s to 30 with help

Identifies different kinds of triangles
(isosceles, acute, scalene, etc,)  
Identifies polygons
Identifies curvilinear shapes


Identifies, circle, triangle, and square
Sorts additional shapes

Identifies land and water on globe
Identifies continents
Identifies most states using maps 
Identifies countries on different continents
Works with flags of the world 
Learns parts of a flag
Identifies land forms


Identifies the globe as a model
Learns name of city where he lives 
Recognizes American flag


Cynthia Thomas founded her first Montessori school in Brevard County in 1983. She now operates five schools throughout Florida. She discovered Montessori’s unique approach when her children attended a school in Hawaii. She received her masters in education specializing in Montessori from Charminade University in Hawaii


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