Gaming for Economic Development
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Gaming for Economic Development

Gaming for Economic Development

What do video games and economic development have in common? It may seem like nothing, but for the Economic Development of Florida’s Space Coast (EDC), sponsoring a new gaming center at Patrick Space Force Base was a recent opportunity not only to support our local talented military members but to provide key skills and tools to advance leadership skills needed on the field, and in a career.

The Launch Pad

Opened earlier this year, the Launch Pad Gaming Lounge, the brand new state-of-the-art gaming center at Patrick Space Force Base, will provide 24-hour access for a great way to blow of steam, and more. 

“Having the gaming center is a huge benefit to Guardians and Airmen,” said U.S. Space Force Brig. Gen. Stephen Purdy, Space Launch Delta 45 Commander and Program Executive Officer in a recent news release. “Gaming teaches concepts like leadership, teamwork, cooperation, strategy, and critical thinking. The Launch Pad is an opportunity to foster that kind of environment and bring all of our members together.”

These skills are key to fostering an environment for successful economic development, where talent is key. The EDC’s talent attraction campaign, continues to highlight the lifestyle and career opportunities available along the 72 miles of Florida’s Space Coast. From items as big as the second busiest cruise port and new hotels to small new mom-and-pop businesses and even a gaming center — it all truly makes a difference. 

“Gaming is bringing us all together,” said Master Sgt. Mike Sullivan, DAF Gaming Event Coordinator. “Instead of just going home and playing with my friends, now there’s an environment and a culture that is being built where I can go play with my co-workers or even supervisors and really bring the force together in the digital realm.”

The Launch Pad also shines a spotlight on our region. The Launch Pad hosted the Department of the Air Force Gaming League Halo Infinite championships in May. The top teams from the spring season of the DAF Gaming League competed for a chance to represent the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Space Force at FORCECON 2022, the Armed Forces Sports Halo Championship, and the first ever U.S. government esports event. 


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