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Schedule Your Financial Checkup

Schedule Your Financial Checkup

As I get older, I see the importance of routine health exams with my primary care doctor and specialists. Those regular checkups keep me aware of what my body is doing and helps me prevent more serious problems in the future. Most importantly, my team of health professionals educates and guides me on the decisions I need to make moving forward with my health goals. 

Your financial health needs to be treated with just as much importance, even if you are just starting your financial journey. It helps to have a primary care financial professional educating you on all of your options as you are working toward achieving good financial health.

Annual reviews or “checkups” with your financial advisor are an extremely important part of the process of maintaining and improving the health of your financial plan as you are working toward your goals. A knowledgeable financial professional will look at all of the data, make an assessment, educate their client on the different options available, and then write prescriptions, if needed, to improve or protect their client’s financial health. 

An annual review with a knowledgeable professional may mean advising their client to see a specialist first before making certain financial decisions. The annual review can spot potential issues that may require the care of a tax specialist, an estate specialist, a mortgage specialist or other specialists that can help improve a person’s financial health. 

The annual review of the financial plan is also an opportunity for the client and advisor to discuss how much progress they have made toward their goals, how far they have come, and if they are currently on track. 

Some common topics of conversation in a comprehensive annual review may include

  • Investment account performance and risk profile 
  • Budget
  • Income planning
  • Review of insurances such as life, home/auto, as well as commercial for business owners
  • Estate and asset protection 
  • Tax efficiency and planning

Just like a comprehensive healthcare plan, a comprehensive financial plan is a marathon, not a sprint. A financial advisor can be your GPS to search for the best route possible for you to reach your goals and improve your financial health. 

There will be slow downs, detours and many changes along your financial journey over the years that you may not be able to control. Your financial professional should educate you on all of your options and help you make the best choices with multiple strategies that put your needs above theirs. 

Committing to an annual review with your financial professional can help you make better decisions with your financial health. Most importantly, it will keep you focused on what’s most important to you, your family, and/or your business.   


Kevin Chancellor is a licensed financial advisor who specializes in helping individuals, families, and business owners in the areas of retirement planning, tax savings, estate considerations, and education savings. He has served as board chair for the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce and works with various charities throughout the county. 

Kevin Chancellor


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