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Meet Adam Martingano

Adam Martingano, Founder & Chief Strategist

Go To Market Solutions
523 E. New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901

Go To Market Solutions Founder and Chief Strategist Adam Martingano has been helping businesses grow for more than 15 years. As a multi-disciplined sales and marketing professional, Adam has worked for and alongside some of the most influential corporations and celebrities of our generation.

From Corporate America to Hollywood, and everything in between, he helps bring ideas to life through creative strategies and dynamic user engagement. Go To Market Solutions — a client-advocate branding, marketing, and business development consulting firm — provides businesses with the strategies, tools, and resources they need to continue to grow year after year.

Adam takes a unique approach; rather than focusing solely on lead generation, his focus is the customers’ journey and analyzing a business's identity, marketing, business development, sales processes, and goals. He digs deep into the target consumer-base to understand their behaviors, wants, and needs. He assesses market potential and competition, all to develop tailored strategies that align with a business’s timeline, budget, and goals.


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