Take Mothers Day & Fathers Day Traditions Outside
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Take Mothers Day & Fathers Day Traditions Outside

Take Mothers Day & Fathers Day Traditions Outside

Mother’s and Father’s Day can mean drastically different things to different people. For some, it reminds us what we’re grateful for. For others, it’s a shadow of what’s missing. For those facing the struggles of infertility issues, it can be a painful reminder of what’s just beyond reach. For those with young kids, a celebration of a new life chapter. 

The thing is, whether or not we ourselves become parents, we all have parents. Even if they’re now gone, or if your parental situation was “complicated,” we all share some sort of connection to Mother’s and Father’s Day. The personal stories each of us link to these holidays shape our experiences in a big way. 

This time of year is perfect for getting out into nature. Fresh air and personal reflection is always a good idea, but it’s especially great when you’re working through emotionally heavy stuff. I’m not saying outdoor exercise can replace professional therapy, a hug from your mom, or the family you hoped to have — but it can give you a beautiful place to move freely, breathe deeply, and be quiet with your thoughts and feelings.

This year, launch your own version of a new Mother’s/ Father’s Day tradition by finding a great place to head out for a walk, hike, bike, or paddle! This could be a fun upbeat outing, shared gratefully with friends or family; or a more pensive, personal, and quiet experience. 

Whether you do this with your family, by yourself, or with your sister’s friend’s goldfish doesn’t matter. How far or fast you go doesn’t matter. Just make sure you have what you need to be safe, and go. When you’re ready to head out and explore, here are a few Brevard County destinations to consider:


Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands, Viera

Difficulty/terrain: Easy & flat. Hard-packed dirt. Muddy when wet.

Trail type: Walk, run, bike

Distance: 2.8 miles 

FYI: No shade, alligators present, no dogs, family-friendly, birding & wildlife



Jordan Scrub Sanctuary, Malabar

Difficulty/terrain: Beginner/green. Mostly flat, packed dirt & sand with a few roots.

Trail type: Mountain biking, hiking 

Distance: 5 miles

FYI: Wear a helmet & protective eyewear. Share the trail. Prepare to get dirty. 



Ballard Park — Eau Gallie River, Melbourne

Difficulty/terrain: Beginner friendly. Creek/river setting.

Trail type: Paddle board, kayak, canoe

Distance: 5 miles round trip

FYI: All paddlers must have a life vest. Access calmer water via Eau Gallie River, or open water via Indian River. 


Please remember to take thoughtful care of the environments you pass through, make smart decisions, behave respectfully, and recreate responsibly. Until next time, happy trails! 




Instagram: @MichelleMulak @Fifty.Hikes #WorkoutWanderlust


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