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Falling back to local roots

Falling back to local roots

I’m often asked why I do what I do or how did I get started in the publishing business. My answer: through necessity. Or at least that is what I used to think. It wasn’t until recently that I gained a clear understanding of how I ended up here.

I was raised in a small town in eastern Minnesota. My paternal grandparents were farmers and they knew everyone.  I was 4 years old in 1970 when the population was 1,106. I’m not certain if there was even a stop light on Main Street then. 

What I remember most about my time in Minnesota is how the community supported each other in business. My grandmother worked at the bakery, there was one pharmacist, one grocery story, one furniture store, a café, a bank, a general store and the American Legion. Since birth, I have been rooted (or grounded) in community. I became intrigued with entrepreneurship and how community is developed around it. I had no idea then how I’d come to embrace entrepreneurship and how much it would shape my journey. 

EverythingBrevard is about storytelling. Stories teach us to love, to forgive others and to strive for better than we have. Each story that we print contains a lesson for our audience or has tips and strategies. It is through our method of storytelling that we can transport the readers to the heart of what drives our community.

I have mentioned before that fall is my favorite season. I believe it brings me back in time to a place that was comfortable and predictable. The fall harvest, festivals, parades, shopping, baking and just spending time together.  It reinforces the foundation of my upbringing through family, faith, trust and hard work.

This holiday season and beyond, I encourage you to think about gifts of time and experiences for your loved ones; for it is those gifts that they will remember the most. It could be the gift of a unique dining experience combined with a theatre performance, a football game or a hunting trip, a cooking class, a hands-on painting or pottery class or maybe you’ll find the perfect gift designed by a local artisan. 

In this issue, three of our county’s four chamber presidents talk about shopping small and the benefits and impact  that has on our local economy. There is a multitude of opportunity this season to experience the holidays in Brevard.  

Shopping small means, you are supporting someone else’s dream.


Read more in our DIGITAL MAGAZINE.


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