Finding Your Purpose and Meaning
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Finding Your Purpose and Meaning

Finding Your Purpose and Meaning

Living your life by design was the theme at our recent Unwrap the BEST You Women’s Health and Wellness Symposium. We spent the weekend learning about feelings, forgiveness, self-care, empowerment, self-leadership and character strengths. We created our own personal purpose statements and inspiration boards, we learned breathing and meditation techniques to slow ourselves down and what it means to be a life gardener while daring to live.

There were so many ah-ha moments. I’ve decided to share a few of my biggest takeaways with you.

Empowerment is a moment-to-moment way of living. Consciously (state in which you are aware) and consistently accessing your power of choice to align with what serves you best. The hustle is overrated, and you are 100% responsible for where you are right now. Good or bad, you must own your own shit! You are both the problem and the solution for everything you have ever wanted.  

Trauma doesn’t define who you are. What you say to yourself matters. Those words become a blueprint for what you want your mind and body to do. In order to change, heal and grow, you must change your feelings and thoughts. What you water grows.  

There are 24 character strengths. These strengths are like our own personal fingerprint. Strengths stack up differently for each of us. We have signature strengths, middle strengths and lessor strengths. Our signature strengths have a superpower to them, and work comes easy to us when we are working those signature strengths. This type of work is about studying the patterns.

We all have physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tanks that need to be filled. Not being present, over committing, taking things too seriously, getting sucked into social media and working too long are all things that get in the way of us experiencing joy and keeping our tanks full.

Challenges are our biggest teachers. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the blessing. To live an outstanding life, you must be willing to stretch past your comfort zones, be vulnerable, share your story, create remarkable moments and ask for help. Asking for help allows others to serve. Be clear on your priorities. Find your voice; be bigger than yourself. And follow your heart, even if it doesn’t make sense.

You don’t have to be the leader to be a leader. Self-leadership is about living your best you! Leadership is about speaking up, standing up and stepping up for something that matters to you and makes a difference for others.  Current circumstances don’t need to be your future. You have the power to choose each day. You can’t be everything to everyone all the time. You can make choices moment-to-moment. Now is the only moment you have; you can give it away or use it to serve your future.

Your purpose is who God designed you to be. It’s how you are wired, it’s your DNA. Your purpose is what you were made for, it’s timeless. It is not a goal or outcome and it is not time sensitive. Your vision is how you express your purpose with ease and grace.    

My purpose statement: Through my creative, empathetic, kind and appreciative nature, I inspire others to connect and grow in community and personal development.  


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