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Revolutionary Technology Builds Community Partnerships

Revolutionary Technology Builds Community Partnerships

In mid-summer of 2019, we began launching a revolutionary cooperative marketing program with a digital signage network (kiosk) that would be used to distribute our magazines throughout the community. By the end of 2020, we had 5 of the 25 placed. 

The vision behind this technology was to build a community partnership with local business owners, have specific magazine pick-up points and provide another cutting-edge and affordable advertising vehicle for small-business owners to promote their products, services and events to the community. What is most exciting is the fact that once the kiosk is placed, everything can be managed remotely.

We were off to a slow start and then COVID hit. I wondered if this is what I am supposed to be doing? You see, my youngest son, Sean, is the designer of this product and this was his vision as a next step for my business. He had spent countless hours in the design phase, had a couple of prototypes built and then finally settled on our current design. I thought it was exciting and agreed to something that intimidates the heck out of me. Me and technology mix like oil and water, and my fears are what truly held this project up.

At some point during the past twelve weeks, I had an epiphany – to Sean this is more than just a product he designed. This was something that he and I could do together. Be proud of together. And grow together. We had something in common to call ours and no one could take that away from us. As a mom, how could I have missed that? It literally broke my heart when I realized his motivation and desire.  

This was a game-changer. With a mindset shift and a passion fueled by love, we now have nearly all 25 of our kiosks strategically placed throughout the county. My fear is gone, and my faith is strong.  

Our community partners have embraced this technology and the opportunity to be a part of something new and fresh. COVID took its toll but we are stronger and have a collective desire to preserve. Our clients have an unstoppable outlook on life. It is the most inspiring and motivating thing I have ever experienced.  

These partners just will not quit. If something is not working, they try something new and keep shifting until it does work. They are creating new revenue streams, embracing new opportunities for collaboration, expanding, purchasing real estate, obtaining new certifications, learning new skills, and hiring more people. They have diverse backgrounds and different levels of education, but they’re all determined and have the most positive outlook for our future.   

It is my honor and privilege to introduce our new community partners. This is where you will find a hard copy of our magazine, that we publish in January, March, May, July, September, and November. In 2021, we will be featuring our community partners in the magazine so you can learn about them and be just as inspired as we are by their tenacity and desire to succeed.  


Read more articles in our digital magazine.


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