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Business Showcase: Prime Delights

Business Showcase: Prime Delights

Julie Primus always knew she wanted to own a shop. Ten years ago, her dream became reality when her daughter, Jade, encouraged her to buy the British Shoppe on New Haven Avenue. As a British expat who had lived in the United States for over two decades, Primus and her husband, Steve, knew the store would be a perfect fit for their family. For the past decade, Jade has worked alongside her mother, helping her build the business and a loyal customer base.

Last November, Primus realized it was time to rebrand and increase her store’s offerings. She changed the name of the store from the British Shoppe to Prime Delights. Despite the name change, the new and improved shop still carries many of the British favorites her devoted regulars crave, including scones, crumpets, and sweets. But she expanded her product lines to include American specialty food items and unique kitchenware.

The overhaul also included an expansion of the store’s tea selection. Tea is Primus’ personal passion and she is overjoyed to see so many customers pursuing her large selections of loose teas. In her shop, customers can purchase sample packs or larger packages of loose teas to brew and enjoy at home. Along with the tea itself, the shop has everything you need — from teapots to infusers to just the right mug — for the perfect tea drinking experience.

November and December are busy months for Primus and her team. Prime Delights carries a wide selection of gifts for tea enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen. In addition to the gourmet foods and tea, the store now carries kitchenware, aprons, and decorative dish towels. As the holidays approach, Primus carefully curates gift baskets to help customers in search of the perfect present.

A  member of the Main Street nonprofit since buying the business 10 years ago, Primus and her shop are active participants in Downtown Melbourne events.  

“Everyone downtown is always helping each other, bouncing ideas off one another to keep people interested and coming down,” Priums said. “We are always trying to do something for our customers because they do so much for us.”

The shop will run specials, share samples, and host giveaways for November’s Food and Wine fest and the annual Candlelight Shopping nights held every Saturday from Thanksgiving until Christmas.

As the shop celebrates its one year anniversary as Prime Delights, expect to see old and new Christmas favorites, like Stonewall’s holiday jam, Wassail, and holiday themed aprons. Loyal customers count on Primus for specific items to make their holiday special.

“I enjoy being able to bring in products that people miss from their homeland,” Primus said. “I  love seeing the excitement on their faces as they discover the treats and foods they’ve missed.”

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