MEET KATIE and Cirque Athletics
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MEET KATIE and Cirque Athletics

Katie Skiba is one lucky lady. She gets to fly through the air for a living — sharing her passion for aerial arts with others.

And we mean passion. The 31-year-old owner of Cirque Athletics in West Melbourne has a growing business for a reason. Sure, who wouldn’t want to run away to “circus arts and alternative fitness classes.” But just like her own humble beginnings in a sport she knew nothing about, Katie and her staff welcome people from all walks of life to get their feet off the ground and experience the silks, trapeze, lyra and other eye-catching apparatus.

Katie’s path to the air came after trying to find her place. She left her life as an inactive overweight teen behind after attending a free event in Tampa: “I saw beautiful women flying around, holding themselves up and bending in ways I’d never seen.”

She found the nearest aerial classes, and despite being “horrible at absolutely everything,” she persisted. 

“I couldn’t touch my toes, pull myself up or even get through the warmup without needing a break. But I decided the day I saw those strong, confident women up in the air, that I was going to stick with this and succeed.”

She moved to Melbourne with a significant other and went from training every day to losing a piece of herself when she couldn’t find a local aerial gym. After being allowed to train at places geared toward completely unrelated activities, it was photos she’d post on social media of her working with her apparatus that sparked a cry for her to go in her own direction.

The friends she’d made while trying to find her place in Brevard County made her realize she had the ability to light that same fire inside others that cirque gave her. 

“Sparking that passion and feeding the fire in myself was one thing, but being able to experience all those ‘first times’ with my peers was unmatched,” Katie said.

“While it's my job to teach aerial arts and keep everyone safe, I also pride myself on my ability to give these students more than just physical fitness. We are a big, supportive group who lift each other up and showcase each other both physically and emotionally.”

Cirque Athletics has a growing kids program and puts on a monthly ‘Cirque Spectaculum’ showcase where any level student can perform. The shows are breathtaking, complete with music, costumes and show lighting. A group also can be hired to perform at events.


Cirque Athletics aspires to provide the community with a supportive environment for personal development through movement education.

Cirque Athletics


184 Westover Dr., 

West Melbourne 32904

Facebook: /CirqueAthletics/

Instagram: @cirqueathletics

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