Businesses, Brands Benefit from Pandemic’s Push to More Social Media Consumption
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Businesses, Brands Benefit from Pandemic’s Push to More Social Media Consumption

Businesses, Brands Benefit from Pandemic’s Push to More Social Media Consumption

Social media consumption surged since the COVID-19 epidemic began. You’ve probably found yourself spending plenty of time scrolling, swiping and double-tapping on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Social media became a “lifeline” for human connection, entertainment and information while homebound. 

For business owners, solo entrepreneurs and workers feeling a bit freaked out and uncertain about what lies ahead, here’s a suggestion: Channel some of that energy and time into building a stronger social media presence for your business, organization or personal brand.

Viewing this situation as an opportunity to communicate with a highly captive audience can help keep you connected with your community. It can also bring in business even when your doors are closed, and set you up for success when things return to normal. But there’s a fine line between social media savvy and shameless self-promotion. 

Here are a few content strategy tips for maximizing your social media messaging during such a high-traffic time:

  1. Be clear with your audience. Have you adapted your business to the current situation? Make sure you clearly communicate how. It helps people better understand how they can keep supporting you. If you have an “ask” — such as encouraging people to order gift cards, or signing up for your remote services — be straightforward. People often are willing to do what they can, but only if they know what you need.

  2. Mix up your messaging. Unless you’re selling hand sanitizer or magical toilet paper-producing trees, now’s not the time for a barrage of sales-heavy content. Mixing in stuff like staff features, your start-up story, customer highlights, and memories is an endearing way to build a rapport with your audience. Additionally, it helps them understand the who, what and why of your business, which helps build customer and follower loyalty. Added bonus, you can reuse this content regularly throughout the year.

  3. Be a resource. Find and share content designed to inform, uplift, connect and empower your audience. This might be a positive quote or professional industry tips on home office internet security. Knowing your audience is important. Stick with professionally appropriate content, and double check your source and facts before sharing.

  4. Support your community. Is your favorite local restaurant offering home delivery? Give them a shoutout. Is a nearby yoga studio offering virtual classes? Share their page link with a personal message. Do you think your city’s mayor is doing a fantastic job? Sing their praises. Community is about coming together and supporting each other.

  5. Let your personality shine on through. A common misconception about using social media for your business or brand is you need to be “all business, all the time.” Nonsense! Sharing snippets of your personality not only humanizes your brand, it also creates common ground and builds stronger connections. Post a pic of you and your dog, share your (failed) attempt at re-creating a homeschool Pinterest project, or create a short “cheesy joke of the week” video to entertain your audience. Obviously, keep things professional and appropriate, and steer clear of controversial topics. 


Michelle Mulak owns Good Vibrations Creative + Consulting, a boutique marketing, public relations and communications consulting firm based in Cocoa Beach. She works with entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, events and organizations of all sizes to help them develop and implement authentic, effective content marketing, advertising and publicity strategies. 


Instagram: @GoodVibrations321 // @Workout.Wanderlust


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