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Find YOUR Perfect Social Media Mix

Find YOUR Perfect Social Media Mix

When it comes to growing your small business or brand, there’s no magic potion for overnight success.

There are lots of options for marketing your business, and while a strategy might work for one business, it might do nothing for the next. Whatever your approach, there’s no denying the important role social media plays in your overall marketing strategy these days. 

Picking which social media platforms to use can feel overwhelming. So many choices! No need to feel intimidated — you definitely don’t have to do everything or be everywhere in order to be effective!

Each social media platform offers a unique method for reaching people with your message. The trick is finding which platforms make the most sense for YOUR business, and how they can work together without wasting your limited time and energy. CinchShare’s software empowers users to create content, organize, and schedule posts for all of these platforms in one place — from wherever you’re working.

Here’s a basic breakdown of each platform and how each might benefit your small business:


  • Instant access to anyone interacting with your personal or business page, group or event
  • Answer questions, comments and messages in real time
  • Collaborate and tag partners for better reach
  • Ability to host events, create promotions, list services, go live, create polls and image slideshows, host watch parties, etc.
  • Facebook events and location tags help attract local and regional customers
  • Utilize Facebook groups to create exclusive content for your audience
  • Roughly 2.5 billion users worldwide


  • Most active platform for global reach with more than 1 billion monthly active users
  • Connect to like-minded accounts instantly through hashtag utilization.
  • Instagram story content brings a relatable touch to your business
  • Younger average user age connects you with coveted Millennial audience
  • Instagram’s insights feature shows data about who visits your profile, when, and from where
  • A more visual platform for promoting your business


  • Great way to connect with other leaders, influencers, press/media and public figures
  • Retweets allow for instant collaboration with other brands
  • Great driver of traffic to other social platforms/blogs/websites
  • Well-developed hashtags make it easy to find topical content fast


  • Build networks and connections with businesses/individuals who want to help you grow
  • Helps establish and hone you and your brand’s professional persona and voice
  • Create groups to align with people who share your company’s values
  • LinkedIn’s multi-language tool makes connecting with global partners a breeze


  • Stunning visual boards give consumers an immediate idea of your brand’s aesthetic
  • Pinning new content creates hundreds of new active links to the personal website/blog of your choosing 
  • Keyword searches make it easy for consumers to find your products and services

The most important thing to remember with social media and business is to stay active! Your audience WANTS to hear from you, and oftentimes it’s that personal touch that keeps people coming back for more. 


CinchShare CEO and Founder Jennifer Johnson helps small business owners, direct sellers and solopreneurs maximize their social media marketing efforts with CinchShare — a simple, yet powerful tool for social media management. Five years ago, Jennifer, a working mother of four, searched for a simple social media scheduling and management tool for her own direct sales business. When the search came up empty, she and her husband Joel set out to build a solution of their own. CinchShare now serves hundreds of thousands of users all over the world. Their software has helped people from all walks of life build their small business through social media marketing, education and community empowerment. 

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