A Nurturing Space
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A Nurturing Space

A Nurturing Space

It’s a new year and we find ourselves reflecting on our lives, creating new wishes, setting goals, resolutions...and asking many questions. What is it that you want or need? What lights you up and sets your soul on fire? 

Interior design is my passion and I am inspired daily to create beautiful interior spaces for clients. Calming retreats, creative workspaces and nurturing home environments. However, after this prior tumultuous year, I found myself asking why and how life was turned upside down and how can I make a shift to change that for myself and my clients. 

If I've learned anything from life, it’s that sometimes the darkest times bring us to the brightest places. What if this all was supposed to happen, forcing us to grow and accept the need for change. It’s all about perspective.

This past year was supposed to be about renewal, finding myself again, building my business, and getting healthy. To the contrary, it was a traumatic time filled with heartbreak, family challenges, loss and work shift. The pandemic was the icing on the cake. 

I worked during the entire pandemic as the construction industry continued, with limitations. My personal/work life was in a complete tailspin and once it slowed, I then had to process and deal with what had taken place in my life. It was an overwhelming sense of questioning and rethinking. 

I needed to find peace, purpose and passion again.

You have to dive in deep and look at a negative situation from multiple angles. It starts with a shift in mindset. I am blessed to say that “I love what I do.” However these experiences and challenges over the past year made me realize how much more I can do to create more meaningful and healing spaces for clients. This means designing environments to offer tranquility and a positive focus so we can all manage the emotional weight of our lives a bit easier. 

Sitting outside meditating during my healing time allowed me to seek out beautiful miracles in nature and their calming effect. Your interiors should encompass that to offer a fusion of organic natural elements, color tones and comfort. A personal sanctuary or a creative transitional space for work and chill. With most primarily working from home now, this is most crucial! This is the passion that drives me. It has to be meaningful work and a blessing of healing to others.

I feel that we all have a purpose and something we need to share or teach to others in this lifetime. Every day search a little bit more, learn a bit more about yourself and watch the renewal blossom and unfold. That passion has been there all along. It was just waiting to be awakened. 


Kristina Kitsopoulos, a licensed interior designer and owner of K2 Living Well, has been practicing for over 22 years. She provides interior design consultation for both residential and commercial interiors offering a full spectrum of services from color theory to new-build or full-renovation coordination. She specializes in harmonizing spaces with natural elements and organic form. Learn more at k2livingwell.com


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