Build That Mindset Muscle
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Build That Mindset Muscle

Build That Mindset Muscle

What’s standing in your way?

Why does it seem like even with the best of intentions we just can’t seem to make goals and resolutions stick

It wasn’t long after the middle of January when most had largely abandoned their New Year’s resolutions and goals. All because the proper groundwork was never laid. Thinking actually has a lot more to do with behavior change than the very actions and behaviors themselves.

In my previous article, I talked about acceptance of alternative perspectives as step one in creating the right mindset to succeed long term with any goal. This releases us from old stories and internal dialogues that keep us anchored to self-doubt and negativity.

From there, we must develop AWARENESS between two distinct kinds of thinking — the conscious and the unconscious. Most of our positive thoughts take place in the conscious mind while our unconscious is swarming with negativity, doubt, procrastination and what-ifs. 

True behavior change resides in the latter. Our big mistake is failing to realize that unconscious thoughts steer the boat. 

When we can interrupt the steady stream of negative thoughts that persist in the background, we can then begin to replace them with the more self-serving ones that exist in the conscious area of our minds.

No amount of conscious willpower can outduel the power of the unconscious narrative. There must be a creation of synchronicity and congruence between the two. It must be reprogrammed.

We have all heard the expression mind over matter. But how…when the matters at hand always seem to take precedence?

The marrying of these two distinct segments of thinking takes the daily practice of deconstructing the old self-sabotaging thoughts and narratives and reconstructing them with more self-serving ones

Conscious mind over matter only lasts so long before mental fatigue and stressors of the day settle in. The tug of war between life’s matters such as busy schedules, distractions and hardships, and that of the mind-over-matter mantra can never be won. That’s because the unconscious mind is designed for survival, and it will cause you to retreat and revert back to what is safe — which is usually avoidance behavior, comfort food, the couch, addictions and other vices.

But with the right training, not unlike training for a race or building a muscle, you can build a stronger mindset. You can learn to extinguish negativity quickly and stay on the right path.

You can make new behaviors autonomous instead of forced. You can come to the realization that it is not the how or the what that is standing in your way, but rather the WHO. And that person is always the one looking back at us in the mirror.

Stay well, and of strong mind and body.


Rod owns Club Performax in Suntree and has helped thousands with their mindset, fitness and nutrition goals. He works with corporations, physicians, law enforcement agencies, students and anyone looking to move from stuck to sustainable. Simply put, when people learn to change their mind, they change their life. 

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