Fitness Made Fun at Home
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Fitness Made Fun at Home

Fitness Made Fun at Home

Having to stay at home for months due to the pandemic killed some people’s fitness routines, and their motivation. But we all had to pivot and quickly adapt to finding ways to maintain our health while at home.

Families took to the outdoors for walks and bike rides under the sun. But there’s so much we also can do at home, whether we are in a pandemic or not.

Don’t get discouraged at the thought of fitness at home. I’m here to share ideas that are easy and fun that everyone in your family can be part of.

Fit mode 1: Just dance! 

That’s right! My No. 1 exercise is dancing. As a former choreographer and now certified Zumba instructor, music transforms my soul. No need for shoes, sneakers or anything except good music and letting your soul feel the rhythm. Two left feet? That shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the music you love and letting yourself break loose.

Dancing has so many benefits. Your heart, mind and body will thank you for letting it all go on the dance floor. 

Fit mode 2: Circuit training. 

This involves using all parts of your body, but no equipment is necessary. Try these exercises at home: three exercises x 12 sets each and include two sets of planks. 

  • Mountain climbers: get in plank position and bring one knee to your chin at a time, alternating for 12 counts on each side. 
  • Squats: separate feet and make sure you have a straight back when you’re going down, keeping knees slightly angled out and in line over your feet.
  • Planks: hold for 15-30 seconds

Fit mode 3: Bring the kids and have FUN.

Hopscotch isn’t just for kids. Pull out the chalk and get your heartrate up while reconnecting with your inner child. 

Another option I do a lot with my kids is set up stations: a dumbbell station to develop their strength, a push-up station, a plank station, and a blast station — which means running to the street corner — where I time them to develop speed. 

The most important part is to understand the importance of moving, every day. Keeping active will help change the level of brain chemicals, such as serotonin, endorphins and stress hormones. Fitness helps your overall mood in such a powerful way. 

As our bodies and minds process all the changes we’ve had so far in 2020, it’s crucial for us to keep taking good care of ourselves, which leads to a robust immune system. 

Stay active, stay strong and stay healthy! 

If you’re looking to join the dance movement, find Vanessa on Facebook at /vaneskymovez 

She is a certified youth exercise specialist and group exercise instructor.


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