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Get Your Microorganisms in Healthy Balance

Get Your Microorganisms in Healthy Balance

Many of us are confused by the misinformation given to us by the media with regards to the COVID-19 virus.  Unfortunately, as this virus is so new to us, many experts are giving their best guess as to the outcome. The lack of adequate testing and the delay in responding to the virus is what led to the misinformation. 

The transmissibility of this fragile virus is remarkable and we have been doing our part to minimize the impact. Biologic dentists and their hygienists and staff are highly trained in infection control and safe practices, and this virus is just another pathogen that we need to protect our patients, our staff and ourselves from. 

The oral cavity and the surrounding nasal cavity are inhabited by billions of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Formerly believed to all be “bad,” we now realize how important these organisms are to our health and immunity when they are in a healthy balance. 

When this ecosystem of microflora is balanced, it is actually our body's first line of defense when a pathogenic invader enters the mouth or nose. A healthy microbiome in the mouth eliminates pathogens before they ever enter the inside of the body. 

Unfortunately, if our oral microbiome gets out of balance, the pathogens take over, which leads to inflammation, usually caused by periodontal (gum) disease and infected teeth. The immune response to this inflammation can weaken the entire body's immune response. This starts a  cascade of events in the mouth, particularly bleeding gums, which leads to unhealthy tissue, which opens the floodgates for pathogens to enter the body. 

The science is clear that these bacteria can cause multiple problems and are known to be the cause of potentially fatal heart attacks and strokes. 

Ozone fights infection

Ozone is an unstable gas made from medical-grade oxygen. Oxygen (O2) is split apart with high voltage and the extra molecule joins an O2 molecule to make ozone (O3). The third ozone molecule is very charged and unstable. Our own cells are fine with it and use it for healing, but it’s lethal to bacteria, viruses, fungi and even protozoa. 

We use ozone in many ways in our office. We ozone the water used in our treatment rooms, virtually eliminating the biofilm that exists in all pipes and tubing. Ozone is part of our infection control protocol, as we use it to help our patients get their gums healthy and to treat decay. 

Healthy at the start

A journey toward a strong immune system starts with a healthy microbiome, particularly in our gut. The oral cavity is the start of the gut as the portal of entry for our food, and it’s the first line of defense in our immune system. A healthy mouth, a healthy gut and a healthy immune system go hand-in-hand. 

A patient who exercises good oral hygiene and partners with dental professionals is on the road to health and a strong immune system. Even in times of social distancing, it’s important to stay in touch with your dental professionals and do your very best to take care of oral and overall health. 


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Drs. Chris Edwards, Haley Freymiller and Rob Brown, provide innovative comprehensive biological dentistry at Smile Design and Wellness Center in Viera.  Their expertise includes treating patients who have complex conditions.  They offer a wide range of forward thinking technologies and procedures in a comfortable caring environment with a high level of customer service. Dr Freymiller is a Dental Oncologist, helping patients with cancer take care of their dental needs. Visit them at www. SmileDesignCenter.US


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