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Tracy's Wellness Journey: Growing Through Video

Growing Through Video

Industry experts say creating a video or a video series is a no-brainer. That it’s an easy, shareable way to communicate your company’s core message and interact with your audience. I say, “Easier said than done!”

In July, I decided to dive into the world of video with the sole purpose of enhancing and streamlining our weekly newsletter communications. I wanted to be able to share more about our company culture and the happenings in our local business community. To start, I Googled “how to start a video newsletter,” and I got back 2,900,000,000 search results. That’s a lot of information to sort through.

Fear combined with lack of knowledge and resources have kept me from moving forward until now. I believe the fear that I am experiencing is yet another level of finding my voice. Random thoughts run through my head; does this content even matter? Do people want to listen to what I am saying? You don’t look so good today. Is this authentic?  

Then I watch others on Facebook and Instagram. They’re at the gym, in their car or interviewing someone and they just seem to nail it. They don’t seem to be concerned with perfection, only the message.

In a recent Tony Robbins video that I watched, he shared that each level of business requires a different level of thinking. Business is a spiritual game. It’s about serving others, and when you’re serving others, you are not thinking about yourself. You are lit up — spirit is shining through you. It’s about me helping you get what you deserve.

I can not only see how this outlook frees up your own mind and eliminates the negative self-talk, but I have experienced the success of this concept, as well. Any time I find myself in a bad space, I will typically pick up the phone and call a client just to see how they are doing and how I might serve them. It really works.

Learning to apply this principle to video will take some practice, but I believe it will make the difference. Another way that I have overcome some of the fears is by asking team members and colleagues who understand video to work with me so that I get more comfortable. Thank you to my son, Sean Blake, and to our staff photographer, Christina Stuart, for teaching and capturing my first experience. 

Adding play into the filming process has been very helpful. There are so many things to think about…what is the message you are trying to deliver, speak clearly, smile, sit up straight, look at the camera, pausing and breathing to make edits easier and seamless. It can all be overwhelming.

One day I may share a bloopers video of me just getting comfortable in front of the camera. For now I am sharing photos capturing my growth.  

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