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Health Equals Managing Stress


Too many people define health by how they are feeling and maybe how they look, but in fact health has a much more important degree of complexity than most people would think.

We all know people who have gone out to the doctor’s office to get a regular checkup and come out finding that they aren't actually healthy. They may have iron deficiencies or they could have sugar issues, and they thought they were perfectly healthy. Worse yet you may know people who have gone to the doctor feeling fine, looking great and come out to find they have heart disease or diabetes. The fact of the matter is unless you check deeply, you don't know whether you are healthy or not.

To me, health really is the ability of your body to actually handle and cope with the stresses of your daily activities. When your body becomes so weakened or so stressed that it can no longer adapt to everything in the environment, that's when you get sick. That's when disease actually happens.

There are three types of stress. The physical stresses, the chemical stresses and the neuroemotional stresses. Of those, I would say neuroemotional stress is probably the most damaging. Pain hurts, but stress kills.

As we look at the stress in our environment, we know that as a result of our overstressed population, we have seen a 600% increase in neurological conditions. Let’s face it, many of us who are older don't even remember hearing about Parkinsons or ADHD. We didn't hear about autoimmune diseases, nothing like to the scale we see now. All of these are a direct result of physical, chemical and neuroemotional stresses in our environment, and more importantly display the body's inability to negate, cope with or neutralize those stresses.

We define health here in our office as you at your optimum physical, mental and emotional health. In our office, we will actually go further and more in depth than most of the offices you have been in.

We are all about finding the cause of the problem for each and every person. We can evaluate your physical, chemical and neuroemotional stress, find out where they are coming from and then employ technologies and strategies that will help you neutralize those stresses. Give our team a call and we’ll find what works to specifically meet your needs. It's your future, be there healthy!

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