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Lasers, Ozone, Stem Cells Transform Dental Treatments

Lasers, Ozone, Stem Cells Transform Dental Treatments

Advances in technology have had a direct impact on how we deliver dental treatment for our patients. We are constantly looking for ways to achieve better treatment outcomes, faster healing, and an overall improved patient experience. Some of the technology and advancements that we use to accomplish these goals include lasers, ozone, and stem cells. 

Lasers are used in a variety of industries and for various applications. They work by focusing light into a narrow beam. This focusing of light energy creates a tool that can be used for several purposes in the dental office. The DIAGNOdent device uses a laser to diagnose tooth decay. This helps us detect decay earlier, provide more conservative fillings, and preserve more healthy tooth structure. 

Another laser we use for patient care is Waterlase. This is a hard- and soft-tissue laser that we use for a number of treatments. By using a laser to prepare the tooth for a new filling or manipulate the gums around the teeth, patients experience far less discomfort after procedures. In some cases, we are even able to provide treatment without local anesthesia. 

Our mouths are full of bacteria — some good and some bad. The bad bacteria are what cause tooth decay and gum disease. If we can manage the bad bacteria, we can often stop the progression of disease in the mouth. This is where ozone comes in. 

Ozone is a gas made up of three oxygen molecules. It is a potent antibacterial agent that kills bacteria and bacterial biofilms. After removing the decay in a tooth, we will gas the tooth with ozone to clean the tooth surface in preparation for a new filling. 

Advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, is also caused by bad bacteria that live below the gum line around our teeth. We can also use ozone to gas these areas around the teeth to kill the bacteria and remove the biofilm they create. Adding the use of ozone to our treatment protocols is another way that we can improve our treatment outcomes.

A huge topic in the medical field today is the use of stem cells for a number of treatments and therapies. Stem cells are what our bodies use to repair older cells that wear out or are damaged. These stem cells are ready and waiting for the body to tell them what type of cell they should become. 

In our office, we gather stem cells from the blood, mix them with other building blocks for bone, and place them in a surgical site to grow new bone. This bone grafting technique allows us to use the patient’s own biologic material, and the healing after the procedure is incredible.

It is truly exciting to see how technology is improving the way we care for our patients. Diagnosis, treatment, and healing advances will continue, and it is our commitment to provide the very best that dentistry has to offer for everyone.


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Rob Brown, DDS has had advanced training in oral surgery and dental implants. He is a National Health Service Corps Scholar and has worked in Brevard County with underserved communities. He believes that behind each smile is an individual with goals to live a healthy, productive life. He knows the importance of the oral-systemic connection and that you cannot be healthy without a healthy mouth.


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