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Love Your Skin

Love Your Skin

Dr. Anita Saluja and Dr. Rebecca Novo combined their practices of dermatology and plastic surgery less than three years ago, but it seems they were destined to work together. They didn’t know each other when growing up in the same small town of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, but were connected by Saluja’s brother, when Novo moved to Brevard County with her husband.

Dermatology + Plastic Surgery: For Your Best Self in Melbourne is the home of Brevard’s dynamic duo of skin care and aesthetic medicine. Saluja and Novo are more than the sum of their individual talents and offer the best of themselves to bring out the best in their patients — now and for years to come. The synergy of their two specialties of dermatology and plastic surgery combines the latest skin care innovations with top medical care, and a sincere desire to help patients look and feel their best.

“It’s all about the patient,” said Mary Jones, a registered medical assistant and patient educator at For Your Best Self, who has worked with Saluja for almost four years. As a patient educator, Jones is trained to conduct a preliminary skin consultation with patients, and discuss options and goals based on what is realistic for a patient’s lifestyle, recovery, budget and downtime.  

“Our goal is to have the strongest patient experience,” Novo said.

That patient experience starts when you walk in the door. For Your Best Self at 6559 N. Wickham Road, Suite C-105 in Melbourne is a modern, welcoming oasis in the office park. An abundant bouquet of bright, fresh flowers decorates the front desk. Guests are greeted by warm and educated staff and offered Evian or Perrier water. Discreet window shades provide privacy and respite. It is just the beginning of what promises to be a long and beautiful relationship.

“You aren’t just a number here,” Jones said. “This is fun! I always ask, ‘What’s bothering you?’ and then listen. We help patients set skincare goals and start their journey with the doctors.”

Staff discuss desired outcomes and practical costs with patients. Their journey may start early or later in life.

“We see patients from 24-94,” Saluja said. “I love seeing older patients come in who feel like they finally have time to take care of themselves.”  

The goal is to be reasonably priced, especially for loyal customers who have access to special promotions, and there is something for every budget, from Botox to fillers to laser resurfacing to surgery and everything in between.  

“We want to address the primary concerns, but also educate (the patient),” Novo said. A patient may come in thinking they want Botox, but skin care is not a one-solution-fits-all.

“Our bodies are complex, one solution is not always ideal,” Saluja said. “If we see that you need something else, we are going to talk about that.”  

That is the benefit of seeing a team of medical specialists who consider education — for themselves, patients and staff — a priority.

Saluja regularly attends medical conferences and meets with other dermatologists to learn, improve, and ultimately, benefit her clients. Staff is constantly learning about advancements in skin care as technology changes.

Latest Innovations

One of the many benefits of having their own practice is incorporating change. Saluja and Novo offer the latest in proven skin care products, technology and procedures. When the doctors believe in something, they are able to bring it to their practice.

The most recent introductions to For Your Best Self include the Hydrafacial®, Y-Lift®, Renuvion® by J-Plasma, and TouchMD. “We’re very picky about our devices,” Saluja said.

The Hydrafacial® uses their newest machine offering instant results and no downtime. This non-invasive hydradermabrasian procedure uses water and air, combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection in just 30 minutes.

Saluja said she is the only doctor in Brevard County to offer the Y-Lift®, which restores a youthful shape to the face with no down time. The Y-Lift® is administered by Saluja using injectables to restore volume to the face. Results are immediate and last one to three years.

Novo can treat loose skin in the neck area and aging facial skin with the Renuvion® by J-Plasma treatment. This combination of radiofrequency energy and cold helium plasma gently heats tissues for combined skin tightening and resurfacing.

The doctors also are excited about their next technical innovation, TouchMD, which provides patients with an enhanced interactive experience with the doctors and office staff. Using your computer or mobile device, TouchMD offers education and communication before, during and after a consultation.

Care isn’t complete without addressing the health of the patient and the safety of a procedure. Both doctors are skilled in identifying medical concerns, like skin cancer.

“I automatically check for skin issues when doing a facial assessment,” Saluja said. “We are able to do a biopsy if anything looks suspicious.”

Do Your Homework

Novo encourages everyone to do their own research when considering a medical procedure — including injectables.

“Safety matters,” she said.

The doctors offer these these guidelines for best outcomes:

  • Do not consume alcohol while getting treatments. Alcohol increases risk of bleeding and bruising, in addition to impairing judgement.
  • Check credentials (appropriate training) of your provider.
  • Skin should be make-up-free and cleansed with medical grade soap to minimize filler complications such as infection.
  • Have confidence your provider has Hylenex available in case filler needs to be dissolved (worst case scenario is vascular blockage).

The doctors encourage anyone intimidated or nervous to visit their website:, Instagram @drsaluja_drnovo or Facebook (dr. saluja & dr. novo dermatology + plastic surgery) pages. They create and post their own social media.

They have before/after photos of real patients. The doctors also share practical information, specials, skin care tips and safety concerns. Plus you get to see them having fun with staff and patients. They also have been working the past six months to improve the privacy, experience, and space by doubling their Suntree office space.

Dr. Saluja’s “5 Rs” provide a framework for educating patients:

  1. Relaxation (of the muscles)
  2. Refilling (lost volume)
  3. Resurfacing (evening out complexion)
  4. Recontouring (surgical procedure)
  5. Redraping (the way the skin lays on the body’s bone structure)


Dermatology + Plastic Surgery: For Your Best Self

6559 N. Wickham Road, Brevard Medical City

Suite C- 105, Melbourne, FL 32940


Facebook: /drsaluja


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