Tracy's Wellness Journey: Moving Away From Stuff
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Tracy's Wellness Journey: Moving Away From Stuff

Moving Away From Stuff

Like most of you, I have been thinking about new year’s resolutions. This is the beginning of my 5th year of living as a Type 1 diabetic. And although I don’t have the secret sauce figured out, I am learning that the joy is in the journey.

Every day is a struggle. In fact, it is more of an emotional struggle than a physical struggle because everything in life affects my sugar. Food consumption, exercise, stress, sleep or lack thereof all affect my daily routine. Some days I’m sad and worried, and my attitude and overall outlook on life suffer. What I have come to realize is that life gets better when you decide to make it better.

In June of 2019, my husband and I decided to put our house on the market and purchase a new one. We had been contemplating for over a year whether to add on to our current house or purchase another. By accident, we found a new home and before I knew it, we were in full swing making repairs, decluttering and staging our existing home to be put on the market and simultaneously writing up the contract and making renovation / upgrade plans at our new home.

As I began to pack, I recall thinking: I am not going to bring all this stuff into my new home even though it is a larger house. Things began to feel heavy and unnecessary. I held each object and asked myself: where will this go, do I even need it, is it something one of my kids or grandkids would want one or should it go into the donate pile? I made several trips to the thrift store.  

Now seven months later, we are somewhat unpacked. I still have a full storage unit to go. I am taking my time and again asking myself if each item I unpack should be donated. It is hard to part with our belongs. One thing that has made it easier for me to let go of stuff is to recall the experience of when and where I acquired the item or how I used it in my life, then I reflect on the joy of that memory.

Throughout the selling, buying and renovating process, it was hard to keep my sugar in check. Today as I stand in my new kitchen and begin to organize and plan my daily activities and meals, everything is falling into place. 

My kitchen was intentionally designed to support my organizational needs. Simplicity was key. I have a specific place for easy access to items I kept and left room for new things. But I didn’t clutter the pantry or cabinets with items I knew I was never going to use. 

My 2020 goal is to take life one day at a time. Be mindful of self-care. Prioritize my health over business and trust the process and continue to find joy in this journey.


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