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Refocus On Your Dental Health

Refocus On Your Dental Health

Our lives changed dramatically this year. COVID-19 descended in the middle of March and altered the lives of most Americans. 

Restrictions that were implemented to stop the spread brought much of life as we know it to a halt. Schools, restaurants, movie theaters, malls, entertainment venues, tourist attractions and countless other businesses were forced to close their doors. 

Friends and family were obliged to socially distance from each other, which mentally and emotionally unnerved millions of us. Self-care establishments such as beauty salons, health spas and yoga studios were also affected. Healthcare practices were similarly affected. Many dentists were limited to emergency treatments. 

As we strive to return to a sense of normalcy, Smile Design & Wellness Center wants to remind everyone that good oral health is directly related to the fitness of your whole body. 

Smile Design & Wellness Center — from our office staff to our hygienists to our dentists — believes that we and our patients are a community bonded by health and wellness. We’re eager to reconnect with our existing patients and warmly welcome new ones. Our patients range from children to adults.

With some restrictions starting to lift, it’s time to try to return to routine dental visits and focus on your oral health. People who prioritize the wellbeing of their teeth and gums know they should see a dentist regularly. But those who put it on the back burner can suffer many negative ramifications. Here are six of them.

Tooth Loss. It’s one of the most serious consequences of avoiding the dentist. It can be caused by advanced periodontal disease or tooth decay that went untreated for too long. You don’t want embarrassing gaps in your mouth.

Toothaches. Cavities and other dental problems become painful if they remain untreated. You can quell the discomfort with Aspirin or stronger pain medication, but it doesn’t tackle the true issue. 

Gum Disease. It doesn’t happen overnight and usually results from long-term neglect of the teeth and gums. Painful and/or bleeding gums can cause painful inflammations and even a loss of teeth. Research shows that people with gum disease are more likely to suffer from heart disease and other health problems.

Expensive Dental Procedures. The longer you wait, the more likely the chances are that you’ll need costly treatments. For example, filling a cavity is a fast, simple and relatively inexpensive procedure. But if you wait until the tooth gets to the point where it needs a root canal, you’ll regret your delay. 

Stained Teeth. Regular cleanings remove discoloration. Your teeth are your calling card. 

Bad Breath. Tooth decay and gum disease are the main contributors. Do you want unpleasantly pungent breath?

If not monitored by a professional, good oral health can rapidly slip away.


Haley Freymiller DMD is trained to treat patients who have complex medical conditions, as well as those with special needs. She has extensive experience in treating cancer patients and has a keen interest in the oral-systemic connection. Freymiller is well versed in how much oral health impacts body health.


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