Tapping Into Bodys Internal Pharmacy Begins with a Thought
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Tapping Into Bodys Internal Pharmacy Begins with a Thought

Tapping Into Bodys Internal Pharmacy Begins with a Thought

Well-being is our natural state. But in today’s busy world, eroding mental health is increasing across all demographics in America. And pharmaceuticals, although well-researched and tested, may come with troubling side effects.

Fortunately, we have our own internal pharmacy. But what does it take to tap into this natural pharmacy? It begins with ‘thought.’ When you think a thought, your brain sends a “recipe” of neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and hormones to the body that causes you to feel the way you’re thinking. 

For example, if you have a nervous thought, your brain releases the neurochemistry to cause the body to feel nervous; and when you think an exciting thought, the brain releases neurochemistry to produce excitement in the body. So, the brain causes the body to feel equivalent to the thought.

And then a thinking-feeling loop is established. The body reports back to the brain what it’s feeling, and the brain transmits more neurochemistry to cause the body to feel more of those same feelings. 

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, author, researcher and neuroscientist, first we begin to “feel the way we think and then to think the way we feel.” 

So how do you break that cycle when you’re feeling discomfort? First, by becoming aware of what you’re thinking. Once you catch yourself in these thoughts, you can reframe the thought or use a method such as EFT tapping to distract and alleviate strong emotions. 

This may not resolve the underlying cause, but it will stop the thinking-feeling loop until you’re in a better position to resolve what’s causing you to feel anxious. If you’re experiencing anxiousness, overwhelming sadness, fear, etc., it means there’s something in your life that needs tending to. But in the meantime, intentionally changing your thoughts puts your mind back in control of your body.

You can benefit from this natural process by invoking thoughts filled with love, gratitude, kindness and compassion; all those good-feeling hormones are released and your body feels the effects. The same holds true for exercising, dancing, and enjoyable physical activity. Your body has every neurochemistry combination to produce the optimum feelings of well-being – including being “in the zone” and the feelings of “all is well.”

I provide my clients with this explanation to help them understand that while we work on shifting perspectives (the way they see themselves, others and their environment), the way they feel will change, as well. I’ve had many clients who come in feeling anxious, depressed, angry, etc. and by the end of the session, they’re in a state of elation and relaxation. 

We tended to what was causing the uncomfortable emotions and replaced them with more desirable thoughts. And shifting their thoughts and beliefs results in a newer, happier state of being.  


Lori Burke, CCHt, CTHt 

Certified Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist



Facebook:  /lori.burkecht

Instagram:  @LoriBurkeHypnosis

Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Lori Burke helps clients get to the root cause of their issues and resolve them. After a career that involved developing award-winning software as an engineer at Kennedy Space Center, her ever-increasing interest in the mind-body connection and hypnosis led her to a career in hypnotherapy. She opened her practice in Viera in 2018.

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