Tracy’s Wellness Journey: Success and Balance Are in the Routine
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Tracy’s Wellness Journey: Success and Balance Are in the Routine

Tracy’s Wellness Journey: Success and Balance Are in the Routine

In preparation for writing this, I thought I should read my previous articles over the last year, reflect and then share my progress.

I have written about my emotional struggles with diabetes, letting go of physical stuff, and living a more simplistic life. I have talked about self-care, wellness, stress management, setting boundaries, feelings, my relationship with alcohol, changing habits, being brave and raising my consciousness and self-awareness.

I discovered that consistency is the key. I have learned and continue to learn that if I do not stay focused on a clear path, I can be easily distracted and thrown off track. Off track feels like failure and becomes a vicious cycle self-talk that repeats itself in my head.  

Getting back to the basics has been the key to my success. In January, I started tracking my mindfulness, nutrition, water intake, body movement and sleep. These five things combined with healthy boundaries, daily devotional time and expressions of gratitude have increased my joy and happiness.

The more I practice my morning and evening routines, the better I feel and the more aware I become. I don’t have it down to a science yet, but I know I’m moving in the right direction. There are days that do not go as planned. I get distracted in my work and I overcommit.

Being a people pleaser gets me every time. It is an area that needs my attention. People pleasing creates anxiety and causes setbacks. It can lead to increased stress, poor sleep or not enough sleep and even poor nutrition choices. Then it can flow into the days ahead, and before you know it, you have sabotaged your week or worse, month. 

My favorite place to spend time is in my expressions of gratitude. Writing thoughtful and unique notes for friends, family and clients is always fun. A small memorable gift can have a huge impact on someone’s day — but it is also powerful for you. Looking for opportunities to surprise a stranger is another fun activity that fills my heart and soul. Let me share a short story.

There is nothing like the energy burst when you tell your restaurant server that you want to pay for another table’s meal, but the recipient cannot know who did it. I do this because it happened to me once. While at a fancy restaurant on vacation with my dad and husband, the check for our cocktails, appetizers, steak, lobster and dessert had been paid for. 

We could not believe that a stranger would pay for this extravagant meal — apparently that anonymous gentleman does it often. His gift to me has impacted many because the more people I told, the more people wanted to do it themselves.  

The idea is to find your happy place. The more aware you are, the easier this becomes.


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