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Tranquil Water for the Soul

Tranquil Water for the Soul

Refreshed, renewed and restored.

We all need that feeling of pure bliss. The feeling that all the weight has been lifted, stresses washed away, carefree and soul quenching. A trip to the spa can offer that, if time and budget allow. But what if you could have that escape every day and in your own home? Who wouldn’t want that magic?! It’s so much more than that, though.

Health, wellness and tranquil spaces are part of a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is desired and needed by most. Everyday life is full of so many dynamics and directions, making our heads spin. We crave that escape and it is a true necessity for peace of mind. 

For some, this could mean a beautiful freestanding tub by a window with a view or a fountain creating the soothing sounds of flowing water. It might be a new cool paint tone, white towels, a robe and some zen accessories to feel like a resort spa. It’s all personal and what moves you.

Pure water is the basis of life and we need it to survive. It is a purification over the soul. The human body is made up of 60% water so it is only natural that we relate to water therapy, known as hydrotherapy. Plumbing manufacturers see the importance of hydrotherapy and offer amazing products for our health and mental wellness.

Jason Hydrotherapy Tubs offers MicroSilk Hydrotherapy that saturates the water with billions of oxygen-rich micro bubbles, increasing oxygen levels up to 70%, energizing skin cells and stimulating the immune and lymphatic systems, which promotes healing and leaves the skin soft and clean. 

Kohler, Brizo and other vendors showcase various rain head showers to simulate the calming effects of a spring rainfall. Multiple brilliant finishes offer just enough touch of luxury to upgrade any bathroom.

The ultimate spa experience at home is a full steam shower suite from Steamist, complete with steam therapy, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and bluetooth music. This isn’t the old steam shower at the gym, this is truly a therapeutic experience like no other. 

Studies show that color therapy, known as chromotherapy, has great health benefits with each color light change shifting emotional senses from energized to calming. Adding the benefits of essential oils in the aromatherapy port enhances the senses. Tap into your favorite playlist via bluetooth to bring the experience full circle for pure spa bliss. You may never want to get out!

You deserve to give yourself the gift of tranquility and renewal. Whether it is 10 minutes or an hour, it is your time. A relaxing bath, a hot shower, a quiet space of meditation by the sounds of flowing water, let peace flow into your own personal state of bliss.


Kristina Kitsopoulos, a licensed interior designer and owner of K2 Living Well, has been practicing for over 22 years.   She provides interior design consultation for both residential and commercial interiors offering a full spectrum of services from color theory to new-build or full-renovation coordination. She specializes in harmonizing spaces with natural elements and organic form. Learn more at


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