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Celebrate good living

Celebrate good living

When launching the magazine in the fall of 2016, my vision was to develop a product that would educate and inspire our readers to embrace positive change. A product where local experts could collaborate and share insights to a better way of living. At the time, my life had been turned upside down with my type 1 diabetes diagnosis and I had to believe there was a greater purpose for my life.

As I reflect on our growth, I have come to realize that the stories we share within the pages of the magazine are stories of success, encouragement, education and hope. We are a good living publication.

One might ask, “What is good living?” Good living can mean something different for everyone. To me, living a good life depends on what matters to the individual. It is about defining your values and priorities and setting goals. It is thinking, exploring and discovering who you are as a person. It is working toward achieving your dreams, building relationships that are filled with love, relationships that support you staying true to yourself and your greater purpose. It is serving your community by sharing your talents and gifts to make a difference in the place we call home.

In this issue, you will find stories on things like:

  • The power of plentiful sleep.
  • Learning how to say no more often.
  • How to stay relevant in the ever-changing job market.
  • The importance of men taking charge of their own health.
  • The tiny home movement and what it means to live minimally.
  • What to ask when choosing an independent living community.
  • Enjoying outdoor grilling and living spaces.

My favorite and most inspiring story in this issue showcases the journey of local entrepreneur Marty L. Ward and her mission to eliminate bullying by creating confident kids. Marty, along with our staff photographer and entrepreneur, Christina Stuart, recently traveled to Uganda, Africa where Marty taught thousands how to eliminate bullying and Christina used her photojournalism skills to capture the precious moments. They each share intimate details of how their lives were changed by giving to others.

It is through others that we grow and learn. If you are reading this and have a story to share, know someone with a story or are an expert in your field and would like to be featured in our magazine, I would love to hear from you.  

I believe our individual stories and experiences have a greater purpose, and when we are brave enough to share those stories along with the knowledge we have gained from the experience, we can change lives and make a difference.


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