Celebrating the First Unwrap the BEST You Symposium
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Celebrating the First Unwrap the BEST You Symposium

Celebrating the First Unwrap the BEST You Symposium

Minds opened, hearts connected and relationships blossomed at Unwrap the BEST You. If you missed joining us at our inaugural event in March, do not worry. That was only the beginning.

We were blessed to have 62 women come together at this unique gathering, all on a mission to unwrap their best selves. And we succeeded! Our presenters enlightened us about fitness, nutrition, meditation, relationships and overall wellness. Mindfulness and epiphanies were plentiful. Healthy food fueled our bodies and hope fueled our focus.

Want in on this feel-good supportive community? You don’t have to wait until the 2019 Unwrap the BEST You (expanded to a weekend retreat, March 1-3). We are continuing the good work on ourselves with four meet-ups this year. Come be a part of it on May 10 — our first meet-up is 5:30-7:30 p.m. at The Avenue Viera, in the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce Office.

We are proud to share some photos and words from the heart from Unwrap the BEST You founder Tracy Stroderd and others who shared the experience with us.

Click here to view photos from the Unwrap the BEST You Friday night party.

Click here to view photos from Unwrap the BEST You Saturday symposium.

Betsy Markle, presenter

Sunshine Wellness Institute

“I didn't expect to be so moved by the Unwrap the Best You event. I've been to tons of self improvement workshops and this was the best — profoundly inspirational, very helpful, and completely organized. I really enjoyed listening to the women speakers. Their real-life stories moved me and their professional tips are realistic. I'm actually utilizing the ‘core values’ checklist with all my nutrition clients.”

Tracy Stroderd, Unwrap the BEST You founder and presenter

EverythingBrevard.com CEO

“Planning the Unwrap the BEST You event was very inspiring and motivational. I knew in my heart the Unwrap event was unique in design and content. I also believed that the women who would come needed to hear the messages and make healthy connections in the community. What I wasn't expecting was the feelings of overwhelm that I had after the event. I cried tears of joy for two days. It was hard to believe that my divinely inspired vision had turned into a reality and more importantly the vision was embraced by all who attended.


Attendees have reached out sharing feedback about positive changes they have made, how life is unfolding, things they are learning and applying and how great it feels to know there is a tribe of women supporting them. Many are also wanting to contribute to next year’s symposium by offering connections to speakers and content ideas. I am honored and full of gratitude to be leading this community.”

Taylor Sokol, presenter

EverythingBrevard.com Community Growth Coordinator

“Unwrap the BEST You changed my life. Not only was I inspired by each woman there, I found a part of myself that I didn't know had been missing. I gained a community of women who all want to see each other succeed and have continued encouraging and inspiring long after the event. ...I was moved beyond words by how receptive all the women were to what I had to say. March 3, 2018 is a day I will never forget, and next year is going to be even better!”

Daryl Davenport, vendor and attendee

Peach Athleisure & Accessories

"As I walked into Unwrap the BEST You, I was unsure about what to expect. I believed in the message, not only for myself but for women I wanted to spread my mission with. I quickly learned, WOW I was in for something bigger than I ever expected.

As we went through the day, we heard inspiring story after inspiring story— we also shared our own...

Our table felt special. It was full of women sharing their adversity. So many of us march through life with an “I’m-fine” attitude but there is sooo much behind the exterior facade. The Unwrap event let women like myself feel safe and able to open up to one another. Truly UNWRAPPING the layers that we tend to HIDE from others and even ourselves.

I made meaningful relationships- not just for my business but honest friendships. I look forward to continuing the journey of unwrapping… Can’t wait to see everyone at the meet-up!"

Denice Santos, attendee

After 22 years of honorable service and multiple combat missions, Denice and her warrior husband, Kevin, and their family are learning to live in the aftermath of his combat injuries.

“I met women whose stories resonated with me, women who externally looked fantastic and inside they were grappling with challenges or had overcome great hurdles. Spending the day talking openly in a non-shame-based conversation is a celebration that helped me enjoy the day without feeling guilty for doing something just for my soul.”

At Unwrap, Denice had written down that she was going to have date night with her husband and then won a raffle that came with a purse and two sets of tickets — one to the movies and one to the King Center.

“The win still has me floored,” she said. “I remember putting one ticket in that jar thinking to myself that the bag was so extravagant. I didn’t even know about the date-night tickets, which we followed through and had two dates.”

Crystal Robinson, presenter

Dominate with Crystal

“I came as a speaker but I felt more like an attendee. I learned so much and connected with some many amazing women. It was such a humbling experience for me. I am super grateful for the opportunity and blessed to be a part of something so magical. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t said something about the event. I have memories that will last a lifetime for sure. I’m anxious to re-live some of the moments.”

Holly Tanner, sponsor

L.H. Tanner Construction

“Unwrap the BEST You wrapped everything in one day to help me unwrap all of my senses in regard to myself. It was probably one of the most inspirational yet educational and practical events that I have ever attended. Every speaker had some type of message that I could grasp and take with me, and best of all,. remember and apply!

I loved the focus on ourselves and I felt that each speaker contributed to each one of my own building blocks that I need to address and continue to readdress. The speakers were outstanding yet personal… It was the entire atmosphere, the food, and all of the participants/attendees who contributed to this energy. We are already looking forward to next year and please include me as a sponsor for next year's event.

Tracy, you have a wonderful gift of touching people's lives and you have already had a very large impact on me personally through your gift. Thank you.”

Giving back

Part of our mission is to give back, and we are proud that $1,080 was raised solely from raffle baskets at Unwrap. The donation went to the nonprofit WeVenture, which offers programs to ignite women in business. The fundraising will continue at our meet-ups.

Let’s Meet-up!

Let’s keep these self-projects going! Join us at our four meet-ups, all 5:30-7:30 p.m.:

May 10, The Avenue Viera, Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce office

July 12

Sept. 13

Nov. 8

Locations for the final three meet-ups will be announced. Each gathering also has a topic focus and activity to help us continue on the path of unwrapping. In May, we look deeper at our core values.

For details on the May 10 meet-up, please RSVP to our Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/157766311581310/) so you get updates, and look for the registration link. We will have light refreshments and drinks.

Also, please like our Unwrap the BEST You Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/UnwraptheBESTYou/) and see details on the 2019 symposium and more at UnwraptheBESTYou.com.



2019 Unwrap the BEST You

Weekend Retreat

March 1-3

DoubleTree by Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront


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Thank you to the 2018 Unwrap the BEST You sponsors and vendors.

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