CinchShare simplifies social media
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CinchShare simplifies social media

Joel and Jennifer Johnson

Melbourne couple grew multi-million-dollar business in two years


Joel and Jennifer Johnson have been partners all along. The loving spouses are best friends, parents and business associates. They’re so in sync, they finish each other’s thoughts… seamlessly. The couple had four beautiful children, and then they had an oops.

Jennifer, 36, started working a multilevel marketing company while raising the kids. Her sole mission: make an extra $100 a month so she could afford to send her daughter to full-day kindergarten.

Born from frustration with existing social media sharing programs, the Johnsons set out to build an app to make Jennifer’s life easier. They had no idea it would grow into a multimillion-dollar company in two years. Or that it would change the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world.

Jennifer said her business was succeeding as a result of her engagement with people on Facebook. But existing social media schedulers were not saving her time. Enter CinchShare: social media marketing, simplified.

“All we did was reduce the number of clicks,” Jennifer said. “The turning point was when I went from two hours a night to 20 minutes. It was revolutionary for my business.”

While streamlining the process, the Johnsons also took into consideration many factors: Facebook algorithms, good practices, original content strategy. Relationships.

Heili Sillard, CinchShare’s first user outside the Johnson household and the company’s creative vice president, has been a member of the team from the beginning.

Together with the Johnsons, she and Melanie Moore, CinchShare’s director of training and development, grew CinchShare’s community on Facebook. They used grassroots marketing, daily “Cinching,” connected with direct sales and social media coaches, offered free training and support. Relationships.

“Nothing makes me happier than hearing how much we’ve helped our customers save time, reduce stress, increase sales and grow their businesses on social media,” Sillard said. “Thanks to the Johnsons’ brilliant vision of CinchShare, you have the freedom of being where you want, when you want while still running a business online.”

CinchShare users can switch between a desktop version and mobile app to schedule to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. The small Cinch team is continually educating its community through free weekly training. It was born from and caters to those in direct sales and home-based businesses, but is used by all types of businesses, including this magazine.  

“We’ve seen the impact, when you look at people’s feeds, we’ve seen a shift in the quality of what our user base puts out,” said Joel, 37.

“We treat our customers like our family, we want what is best for them, too,” Jennifer said.

So, what is best for the Johnsons?

“We always dreamed of working together and living somewhere warm,” Jennifer said. “Because of this business, we can do both of those things.”

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