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Lemonade Stand - Kibo Manning

Lemonade Stand - Kiharu Manning

Name: Lars Kiharu Manning

(He goes by Kibo, which means “hope” in Japanese)

Business name: White Tiger Comics

Age: 8 years old


Business origin:

Kibo, of Merritt Island, has been into art from a young age, drawing and painting alongside his mom, Darcy. He displayed intense interest in drawing when he was 5 and hasn’t put the pen down since.

How it works:

Kibo’s drawings are all his own creations. To create an original comic book, Kibo will take a small stack of regular copy paper, fold it in half, and then staple the left side to make a booklet. Then he starts on his first draft, first drawing the cover art and title before moving on to the inside pages.

Next, he has his mom and dad, Josh Manning, read the comic book and help him correct any spelling errors. This is also when they discuss the storyline and sometimes make slight modifications or sometimes big changes depending on their conversation. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes the story takes an entirely different direction after they all talk! Kibo enjoys the creative process of collaboration.

Finally, Kibo will redraw all the images and Darcy will scan each page and lay out the comic book. After printing out all the pages, Kibo and his parents work together to collate, staple and trim each comic book.

“It’s so rewarding to see the final product,” Darcy said.

Kibo made his first sale at the recent Brevard Children’s Business Fair, where a business owner commissioned him to do drawings for his website. Kibo is considering creating a Fiverr account to expand business opportunities.

Learn more:

Instagram @hapakibo



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