Tales of Brevard Storytellers
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Tales of Brevard Storytellers

Tales of Brevard Storytellers

My first book was rejected by 98 different literary agents. I didn’t let that stop me. I went on to independently publish Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light, a story about a Melbourne boy dealing with bullies chosen by a magic arrow to time-travel to 1485 England. He rescues two princes from their tyrant uncle with the help of a dwarf, a beautiful Siren named Pearl, and a mythical bird called Simurgh. I didn’t know when I wrote this book that it would serve a purpose greater than the book itself, a theme woven throughout the novel. This little book opened doors to schools where I am privileged to give students tools to combat bullying through learning the Power of Words. Clifton Chase has been a catalyst for saving students’ lives and Shaping Their Stories.

I published two more fiction books, a Clifton Chase coloring book, one non-fiction book on writing, and a short story collection titled The Toilet Papers: Places to Go, While you Go, which received endorsement by Squatty Potty (if you don’t know them, search “Squatty Potty Unicorn.”) My award-winning writing has been recommended by the Florida Department of Education Summer Reading List, awarded Best Independent Novelist in 2017, and was considered for a film deal.

Looking for a way to stand out as an author, I invented Wick Books®, story-scented candles based off moments in my novels to enhance the readers’ experience. The handcrafted gel candles are carried by The Chandlery in downtown Melbourne, along with my books. Imagine reading a story and smelling the earthy forest or the salt sea or cookies baking in a dwarf’s cottage. With Wick Books®, you can.

What’s next? More books! I’m writing Clifton Chase in Sherwood Forest, book 2, and sharing a chapter a month with fans through my Patreon page. It’s my way to reward members with exclusive content for their unending support. I love what I do: empowering kids, inspiring readers, and creating worlds through words and scent-sations.


“Magic occurs in that place between real life and make-believe.” –Jaimie Engle


Brevard County is rich in culture and the arts. Meet some authors who call the Space Coast home and learn more about their fiction and non-fiction work.

Chris Kridler
Zip Bang

Chris Kridler is a writer, editor, photographer, storm chaser and author. Zap Bang concludes the Storm Seekers trilogy with action, drama, humor and romance. Tornado scientist Jack Andreas agrees to be chief storm chaser in a lightning study that will put vet and pilot Maribeth Lisbon into the zap zone. In their way are scheming TV chasers, the billionaire backer’s secret agenda, and a mystic with a food truck. As fearsome storms put them in mortal peril.

Chris Hollyfield
Big Message Short Story

A true story about a man who was born with dwarfism. With the love and support of family, mentors and friends, this small boy overcame BIG challenges to pursue his dreams to become a professional wrestler. Bullied, mocked, and doubted, he never gave up. Follow the journey that he went through to not only achieve his dreams, but surpass them.

"The power of a bully is only as strong as you let it be."

Melinda Leigh
Bones Don’t Lie

Melinda Leigh is a Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Amazon No. 1 bestselling author. Her books have sold over 4.2 million copies and have been translated into a dozen languages. She has garnered numerous publishing awards, including nominations for an International Thriller Award and two RITA® Awards. A martial artist and animal lover, Melinda lives in Brevard with her family and two spoiled rescue dogs.

Melinda's most recent novel, Bones Don't Lie, debuted at No. 2 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list and is the third in the acclaimed Morgan Dane Series.

Lisa Hodges
Prayers for Your Adult Children

www.lisahodgins.comLisa Hodges works as a professional guardian advocating for at-risk seniors and helps veterans with their finances. She enjoys spending time playing golf and traveling when not with family, including eight grandchildren.

Lisa’s 30-day devotional helps parents of adult children draw their strength from God while developing and enhancing their relationship with their children. With over 200 bible verses, this tool can be used as a personal devotional or in a group setting.

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