Big Impact Big Profit Mastermind Group - Event
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Jun 22

Big Impact Big Profit Mastermind Group

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Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Date: Tuesday June 22, 2021
Location: Online
Address: Online
Price: $197 p/month
Category: Educational
Right now, we all have so many balls to keep in the air while staying centered, focused and taking care of ourselves.
Thats why getting a weekly boost of support and encouragement from our BIBP Mastermind feels so good.
The interactive discussion and camaraderie along with the focused guidance for each member that Marty provides creates the right atmosphere to discover how to transform what has been getting in your way of being your best you, and to having more love and joy in your life. At the end of our hour together, you can celebrate yourself for the progress you are making and have a fresh perspective to make the rest of your week even better.

"I feel as though I am awakening to another level of personal self-awareness. Being amongst a group of like-minded individuals feels safe and comfortable. I also feel like I am able to add value to others by sharing my own story. As it turns out, the things we think we are going through alone and no one will understand, are most likely things that others in the group are either experiencing or things they have survived and therefore they can add insight and tips and strategies to help support you." Tracy Stroderd, Everything Brevard

Martys direct and simple CARE System used in the Mastermind is just the ticket to make the difference in your life that you have always wanted to make and just needed to know how.

Get a boost each week of Confidence as you value yourself more and more.

Be Aware that you are not alone, and others want to hear what you have to say.

Develop Resilience with a mindset that keeps trusting and believing in you.

Feel Empowered to unravel yourself when you get stuck.

Use your new toolset and skillset to feel Confident, Aware, Resilient, and Empowered.

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Confidence Builds Success

By Appointment Only
Melbourne, FL 32940
Ph: 321.848.4997

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