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Dec 19

Destination Brevard's 3rd Saturday downtown Cruise

downtown Cruise
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Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Date: Saturday December 19, 2020
Location: Downtown Melbourne
Price: Free
Category: Cultural
This will be a monthly event hosted by us and all are welcome. The start and end will be the same spot (the parking lot at the east end of downtown between New Haven and Melbourne Ave. down by Crane Creek. There's plenty of spots for up to 100 cars and until downtown gets cranking again, parking shouldn't be an issue.

We will start each cruise at 7 p.m., all vehicles will pull out of the lot, onto Melbourne Ave., head up Depot Dr. to New Haven Ave. and then proceed west to Oak St. Than we'll turn left to Melbourne Ave., left onto Helen St. and then turn right back onto New Haven Ave. and head east. You'll head east up to Hell n Blazes and turn right back down to the original parking lot to end the cruise or we can all do another loop to make it last a little longer.

At that point you can leave, hang out in the lot or head over to downtown to grab some food or drinks. We're putting an end time of 8 p.m. but it's really until you want to be done.

Check the discussion feed for a map of the route.

We'll be working with some of the businesses so that they know there could be groups of people coming in and who knows, maybe some will offer specials. We'll announce anything like that as we get closer to each event AND at the start of the event.

This event will be fun if there's only a few cars or if there's a few dozen. We picked downtown Melbourne because you can cruise slow and a line of muscle cars or whatever else shows up will sure turn some heads. And those businesses sure wouldn't mind some extra customers!

Weather will play a factor but since we're going to be driving slow, a little rain isn't going to stop the events. It might hamper the pre-cruise and post-cruise meet up but we're going to have the cruise each month regardless of the weather.

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