Hip Motions Belly Dance Academy MLB - Fall Semester - Event
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Oct 3

Hip Motions Belly Dance Academy MLB - Fall Semester

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Time: 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
Date: Monday October 3, 2022
Location: Fierce Dance and Fitness
Address: 1270 Lake Washington Rd
Price: 100
Category: Theatre / Dance
Belly Dance 101
Class Description: New to Belly Dance? This starter class is where you begin; designed specifically for those that are new to the art of belly dancing or as a primer class to Belly Dance 201. It is for those that would like to revisit basics, anyone wanting a fun, low impact cardio escape, or as a warmup and in conjunction with Belly Dance 201. In this class students learn proper dance posture, basic body awareness, unique belly dance vocabulary & history, shimmies, graceful arm movements, various moves and traveling steps, as well as music timing. Each class runs for 45 minutes & repeats concepts throughout the year so every class and session will be slightly different. Get ready to get in touch with your body in a new way, have fun, and discover Belly Dance! Come see what makes the desert really sizzle!

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