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Jan 23

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga
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Time: 8:00 am
Date: Wednesday January 23, 2019
Location: The Yoga Garden
Address: 1482 Pineapple Ave., Melbourne, FL, 32935
Category: Health
Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic practice where breath and movement are seamlessly united, creating a steady, flowing sequence of postures. Vinyasa classes are inspired by the Ashtanga yoga practice, yet each class has a unique focus or intention within the body and mind.

This class is structured to begin with breath work, passive stretching and a slow moving warmup, finding its peak with a steady flow (known as Surya Namaskar) and strong standing postures to build heat in the body. We will then wind back down with soothing postures and, of course, a final rest in savasana. Each Vinyasa class will offer a practice that is both challenging and relaxing to the practitioner, and modifications will be offered to accommodate all levels.

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The Yoga Garden

1482 Pineapple Ave.
Melbourne, FL 32935
Ph: 321.345.6197

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