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Brevard Rebuilds Grand Cay

Several restaurants and shops throughout Brevard County are participating in the Brevard Rebuilds Grand Cay Fundraiser Event on October 17th, 2019 where 10% of all the day’s sales will go toward rebuilding Grand Cay Abaco Bahamas.

On September 2, 2019 Grand Cay Bahamas was hit by Hurricane Dorian. The storm devastated the island with sustained hurricane winds of over 165 mph for nearly 40 hours. Virtually every roof on the island took significant damage. In total 13 homes were destroyed and another 20 had significant structural damage. The potable water and electrical infrastructure were ruined resulting in the population relying on only the supplies recently brought in by private boaters. Debris has been tossed all around the island and all vegetation has died. There was zero loss of life on the island.

Monica Shah, with Southeast Petro Distributors, Inc. has coordinated the county-wide fundraising effort with other local business leaders, including Cordell Rolle with Rolle IT who happens to also be a native of Grand Cay. Some of his family still lives on the island and rode out the entire storm. The mission of this fundraiser is to literally rebuild Grand Cay. It is one thing to send supplies to help people survive their plight, but it is another thing to mobilize and rebuild structures, restore power and repair sustainable water sources. The money from this fundraiser will go directly toward building materials, volunteers to do the work, and the gas to get everything there for real progress to take place.

The rebuilding efforts are already in place and happening, it just needs the funds to continue.

Shortly after the hurricane had passed, Cordelle headed out with supplies to his district, meeting his brother and father in the wake of destruction, “Honestly it was one of the best days of my life. From the second we turned the corner into the harbor of Grand Cay my older brother spotted me on the front of the boat and started screaming my name. My father was there next to him to catch our lines. The docks were destroyed so I had to balance my way across beams to reach them, but it was like a movie. Kind of slow motion as I hugged my brother.” He went on to describe the scene of pure devastation, “It was worse than expected but far better than it could have been. In total I would guess 60% suffered significant damage including my family home. A lot of the structures held their exteriors, but the roofs were damaged, and the rain soaked almost every home we entered.”

The fundraiser will take place on October 17th, 2019 where participating restaurants and shops throughout the county will be donating 10% of their sales to go toward rebuilding the Island of Grand Cay. Other entertainment will be going on at various areas throughout the county that will help bring the community out to enjoy the festivities while contributing to a great cause. Monica Shah commented on the event, “If everyone in the county makes it an effort to go to eat at one of the participating restaurants, or buy one item at a participating shop, we can really make an impact.”

Participating restaurants, shops and businesses will be listed on the Rebuild Grand Cay Website and Facbook page. They will also be able to be identified with a “Proud Supporter of Rebuild Grand Cay” sticker on their front door, and the event poster hung in their window. Businesses can sign up to participate on the organization’s website or reach out through Facebook.

The community can help share the awareness of this event by liking the Facebook Page and sharing the event with their friends and family.

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