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Clean Water Initiative for Children in Kenya and Uganda Collaborates

Clean Water Initiative for Children in Kenya and Uganda Collaborates

Local Humanitarian’s Clean Water Initiative for Children in Kenya and Uganda Collaborates with Knights of Malta of Romania

Marty L Ward, Founder of Confidence Builds Success Academy, Inc 501c3 (CBSA), who was featured in the Huffington Post, says, “CBSA’s mission is to Make bullying obsolete and civility a way of life around the world. Our vision is to provide communities with the knowledge to create harmonious relationships and access to clean water for healthy minds and bodies.” 

Right now, Marty needs 19 more water filters to reach her goal of bringing 48 additional water filters to Kenya and Uganda this March to provide access to 300 gallons of clean water a day for 10 years to approximately 21,600 more children. She also will be training 100s of teachers, pastors, parents and grandparents in the TAG 4 Change Method. 

Marty began training Pastor Buni Alex of Uganda via the Internet in the TAG for Change Method of treating everyone with dignity, civility, and respect in 2015. On Marty’s first trip to Uganda in March 2018, she saw women and children gathering water to drink from parasite ridden puddles. Marty, declared, “Children drinking water from puddles is NOT OK!” She vowed to find a way to get clean water to schools to make the biggest impact. 

By Marty’s second trip to Uganda in December 2018, not only was CBSA’s program taught in 42 schools and churches but also all these schools had water filters providing approximately 19,600 students with access to clean water. 

As of January 2020, the TAG for Change method is taught in over 78 schools and 21 churches impacting 86,400 children, teachers, parents, grandparents and pastors. Schools and churches are now more self-sustaining. There is a decrease in the dropout rate of 66.4%, so schools are hiring teachers and an increase in church attendance, so churches have more resources to care for their petitioners. 

Through a connection on Facebook with Marian Coman, First Vice-Chairman of the Knights of Malta of Romania, CBSA’s Clean Water Initiative will now include a water catchment system. Through the generosity of the Knights of Malta of Romania and the collaboration of The Waterbearers and the Uganda Water Project, this March, the entire Kayunga Uganda community of 7,000 people will have access to clean water. 

CBSA is proud to be among the humanitarian projects of the Knights of Malta. They are a neutral, apolitical and independent institution with a humanitarian role and ongoing activities in 120 countries. They intervene as a mediator in conflicts and provide care for people in need through its medical, social and humanitarian works. 

For more information go to Be a part of giving children hope and a chance to have healthy minds and bodies. 


Read Marty's article on Bully-proofing kinds around the world.

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