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Space Coast Health Foundation report identifies health needs in Brevard County

Space Coast Health Foundation report identifies health needs in Brevard County

Some Space Coast residents face a rising burden of health care costs, and that also is impacting access to needed medical care and affordable prescription drugs.

At the same time, there is a growing acknowledgment in Brevard County of depression issues, along with more difficulty in accessing mental health services.

These are some of the findings noted in the Space Coast Health Foundation’s (SCHF) 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment. Click here to view the full report. The SCHF commissioned the report, which was prepared by the Omaha, Nebraska-based Professional Research Consultants. Professional Research Consultants conducts similar surveys across the United States and has an extensive background in health and wellness concerns that communities face.

The 121-page report for Brevard is benchmarked to previous health needs assessments going back to 2004. The SCHF uses the local findings, along with area health care organizations, to help community leaders identify areas of concerns and where best to direct health resources. In some of the research the results are measured by geographical areas of the Space Coast – North, Central and South Brevard – and compared with available data statewide and with the United States.

Summary of Findings

The following “Areas of Opportunity” represent the significant health needs of the community,based on the information gathered through this Community Health Needs Assessment. From these data, opportunities for health improvement exist in the area with regard to the following health issues (see also the summary tables presented in the following section).

The Areas of Opportunity were determined after consideration of various criteria, including: standing in comparison with benchmark data (particularly national data); identified trends; the preponderance of significant findings within topic areas; the magnitude of the issue in terms of the number of persons affected; and the potential health impact of a given issue.


Areas of Opportunity Identified Through This Assessment

Access to Healthcare Services

 Barriers to Access
o Inconvenient Office Hours o Cost of Prescriptions
o Cost of Physician Visits
o Appointment Availability
o Finding a Physician
o Lack of Transportation

 Skipping/Stretching Prescriptions

 Difficulty Accessing Children’s Healthcare

 Advance Directives

 Low Health Literacy


Skin Cancer Prevalence
Cancer (Non-Skin) Prevalence
Female Breast Cancer Screening [Age 50-74] Cervical Cancer Screening [Age 21-65]


Diabetes Prevalence

Heart Disease & Stroke

High Blood Pressure Prevalence
High Blood Pressure Management
High Blood Cholesterol Management

Mental Health

Diagnosed Depression
Symptoms of Chronic Depression
Receiving Treatment for Mental Health
Difficulty Obtaining Mental Health Services

Nutrition, Physical Activity & Weight

Food Insecurity
Overweight & Obesity [Adults] Children’s Physical Activity

Oral Health

Children’s Dental Care

Please click here to view the whole report and learn about the Space Coast Health Foundation.

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