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Aversive Free, Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Business Opens in Brevard

Aversive Free, Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Business Opens in Brevard County

Kathleen McClure, a long time Brevard resident, is ready to take the field of dog training in Brevard County to a different level with her new business, The Happier Dog. Her business, which serves Brevard County as well as clients interested in remote consultations, offers obedience instruction, potty training and modification for fearful dogs, all conducted using science-based, force-free methods.

There are no requirements, regulations nor governing bodies overseeing the field of dog training. Literally anyone can brand themselves as a “dog trainer” without any education or qualifications. Knowing this, McClure applied to and was accepted to the acclaimed and prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers. The program also known as the “Harvard of Dog Training” is a comprehensive education in all aspects of dog training, behavior modification and client counseling. After completing the program, she continued her education and acquired the Force Free Professional certification from Fear Free Pets. McClure has decades of working with dogs through rescue organizations and volunteer work, opened the business in August 2019.

Oftentimes less skilled or uneducated trainers resort to utilizing fear and pain to change the behavior in dogs. At The Happier Dog, behavior modification occurs through the use of science and skill, rewarding the dog for the behavior we want.

McClure states “With the knowledge we have today it is inexcusable to utilize shock and prong collars, leash jerks or any other intimidating methods to train dogs,” McClure continues by stating “All dogs, all breeds can be trained utilizing rewards based methodologies.” If a trainer recommends you implement an aversive method, you do not have a problem with your dog, you have a problem with the trainer.


The Happier Dog offers a variety of services including manners, food, toy and location guarding, potty training and marking rehabilitation, aggression, socialization, fear phobias including fearful vet visits. For more information on McClure or The Happier Dog, visit www.thehappierdog.c

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