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New Brevard Business to Challenge Angie's List, Home Advisors and Others

New Brevard Business to Challenge Angie's List, Home Advisors and Others

U GO Pros looks to disrupt referral network industry with suite of tools to help small businesses find, service and retain customers - help consumers find the right business for any job

MELBOURNE, FLA –  Searching for a contractor or service provider often means an internet search for a list of businesses that may or may not be qualified to perform the task a consumer is seeking. Those same professionals, many of which are small businesses with limited budgets for sales and marketing, are challenged to find new customers. A Melbourne company has emerged and is changing how both consumers find, hire and pay a professional, and how the professional finds, services and builds relationships with their next customer.

U GO Pros has developed an app-based platform that instantly connects consumers with pre-screened, reputable businesses that offer everything from home improvement to automobile repair, along with specialty and professional services. Businesses that are part of the U GO Pros community can immediately respond to requests for quotes at no charge, paying only when a contract for services is completed. 

“We’re looking to disrupt the way online referral networks have been operating, providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for services to the consumer and helping to manage the sales, marketing and project management process for the business,” said Mark Watson, U GO Pros founder. “Our mission is to encourage patronage and help stimulate the growth of small businesses by providing them with a platform to market their services and also manage their projects and employees, communicate with their customers throughout the service, and guarantee they receive payment.”

With U GO Pros, the customer selects, contracts with and pays the provider through a secure platform. In the case of home improvement or repair, they can track a project’s progress and have assurance that the work for which the provider has been hired is done to their satisfaction before funds are dispersed.

For the contractor or service provider, U GO Pros supports project management or a single event through a suite of tools that helps them manage employee and subcontractor assignments, track purchases and expenses, communicate with customers in real time, and receive payment in a timely manner.

Unlike current online referral companies, for which the business must pay to belong or receive a lead, without any guarantee of earning a job, there is no up-front charge and the business only pays a small percentage of the contract’s value once work is secured. “When a business realizes that we are their sales and marketing, project management and accounts receivable departments all in one, they see the value in working with us,” Watson said.

More information for about the services, benefits and terms for both consumers and businesses is available at


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