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New Nonprofit to support postpartum depression

New Nonprofit to support postpartum depression

A new nonprofit organization, formed to support mothers and families experiencing postpartum depression, is now available in Brevard County.

According to the World Health Organization, Postpartum Depression strikes one in seven mothers. In Brevard County, that means up to 12,000 women of childbearing age could be affected by this debilitating illness per year. The Postpartum Support Network has been established to:

  1. Educate the community about the causes, symptoms and treatments for postpartum depression, lessening the stigma and encouraging more mothers to access the help they need without fear.
  2. Provide a network of mental health specialists, OBGYNs, holistic physicians and past sufferers to help mothers and families get through their traumatic PPD experiences.
  3. Work with OBGYNs to broadly adopt consistent postpartum screenings that will immediately identify mothers that need help.
  4. Provide individual and group support for spouses and families.

“Our goal is to educate the community about PPD and provide tailored, immediate help to mothers and families,” said founder and president Tina Lange. “This is an issue that is associated with a lot of guilt and shame for mothers who are afraid to ask for help. We want to help normalize public dialogue and treatment about postpartum depression, so we can save lives and keep families intact.”

Symptoms of postpartum depression range in severity and can include persistent crying, severe depression, feelings of anger/hopelessness/panic, fear of being alone with baby and even thoughts of harming oneself or one’s baby. Symptoms of postpartum depression can last up to a year and are caused by a dramatic drop in hormones following birth. 

To learn more about The Postpartum Support Network, visit or join the organization’s Facebook Page.




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