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Tank Wizards

Tank Wizards is a family owned and operated full service, petroleum storage systems contractor. Serving all of Florida and Georgia. All work is Guaranteed.

Tank Wizards
7619 Coral Drive
Melbourne, FL 32904
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How We Do It

Guaranteed Work-Guaranteed Pricing

Cleaning small storage tank

At Tank Wizards "fuel polishing" is only one part of our fuel and fuel tank cleaning program. The process starts with a comprehensive sampling method that reveals what is going on in the entire tank, not just directly under the fill tube. We do not charge for this service. If the need for service is determined a complete cost quote will be provided before any work is performed. (see pricing and guarantees policy below)

Once agreed we will clean your fuel and tank in a multi stage process. We will first kill all microbial, bacterial, and fungal growth using a broad spectrum microbicide designed to work in the fuel and also the water (if present) phase of the tank. We will then filter the fuel through a bank of oil/water separators and filters to remove free water, suspended water, and contaminates down to a size of 5 microns. During the filtering process we will manually and chemically clean the bottom and all accessible parts of the tank from as many different vantage points as are available.

After the fuel and tank have been cleaned we will rebuild the diesel fuel by adding cetane boosters which will boost cetane rating 4 to 6 points (approx 10%), lubricity agents to protect injectors and injector pumps, oxygen scavengers, fuel stabilizers, and corrosion inhibitors to protect the tank itself.

This complete fuel and tank cleaning far surpasses any normal fuel polishing process.

Our up-front pricing is for a complete job and contains no hidden or surprise charges. Our price is our price. No extra charges because the job took longer, used more filters, required special tools, etc..

And our work is unconditionally guaranteed for six months on smaller tanks and a full year on larger tanks. No ifs, ands, or buts, if it's dirty we clean it for free.

Please give us a call at 321-285-8878 or email to arrange your no cost fuel sampling, tank review and report. We'd love a chance to earn your business.