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Unwrap the BEST You

A life-changing event that will help you reconnect with your BEST self and introduce you to other like-minded women.

2020 Unwrap the BEST You
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About Unwrap the BEST You

We are so excited you found this page! Welcome to Unwrap the BEST You! There’s a reason you’re here and we can’t wait to go on this journey together.

Unwrap the BEST You was started by Tracy Stroderd, founder and CEO of Her personal wellness journey — and recognizing how we women could be taking so much better care of ourselves — spawned an annual wellness retreat plus bi-monthly meet-ups so the connections and growth can continue. Beyond the events, we’ve created a community.

The quote from the movie “Hidden Figures” is true: “We go from being our fathers’ daughter to our husbands’ wives to our babies’ mothers.” But we are so much more that. We have to find our own voice, which is difficult to do when we’re busy taking care of everybody else.  

We created this unique gathering of women so that you can make meaningful connections and leave with life-changing takeaways. It’s also where you can reconnect with your inner self and uncover what it is that you need to thrive in this life while positively affecting everyone around you. Magnetism is powerful. When you put good things out into the world, people are drawn to you and want to mimic your successful behaviors.

Women who attend this event are looking for a community to support their challenges.

Great things grow when you nurture the relationship within yourself. Taking care of self allows us to speak and breath life into others. So, come join us as we serve empowerment for lunch, have interludes of inspiration and reveal how strong relationships with yourself, others and nature allow you to Unwrap the BEST You!

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”


2020 Unwrap the BEST You

Women's Health and Wellness Symposium

This retreat is life-changing. It is a magical, moving experience that transforms women. Spending time talking openly in a non-shame-based conversation and environment helps women heal from adversity. Unwrapping the layers that we tend to hide from others, and even ourselves, at times is liberating. Minds open, hearts connect and relationships blossom.

You can expect a weekend of education, inspiration and motivation on diverse topics that will help feed all aspects of your life. Hands-on workshops, networking, storytelling, and food that fuels the body.

This event is designed to help women reconnect with their BEST selves, connect with other like-minded women and hear from speakers who awaken the soul – all designed with the intention to help women uncover what it is they need to thrive in their life while positively affecting everyone around them.


“We all have a bag.  We all pack differently.  Some of us are traveling light.  Some of us are secret hoarders who’ve never parted with a memory in our lives.  I think we are all called to figure out how to carry our bag to the best of our ability, how to unpack it, and how to face the mess.  I think part of growing up is learning how to sit down on the floor with all your things and figuring out what to take with you and what to leave behind” 

- Hannah Brencher

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