Unwrap the BEST You - Testimonials
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Unwrap the BEST You

A community of like-minded women, on a mission to live their best lives, make meaningful connections, a difference in their communities and not compromise self-care.

2020 Unwrap the BEST You
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Crystal Robinson

Crystal Robinson - Speaker & Dominate with Crystal CEO

"I learned so much and connected with so many amazing women.  It was such a humbling experience for me...I have memories that will last a lifetime for sure".

Betsy Markle

Betsy Markle - Speaker & Sunshine Wellness Institute CEO

"I've been to tons of self-improvement workshops and Unwrap was the best - profoundly inspirational, very helpful, and completely organized.  I really enjoyed listening to the other speakers.  Their real-life stories move me and their professional tips are realistic".

Daryl Davenort

Daryl Davenport - Attendee

"So many of us march through life with an "I'm fine" attitude but there is sooo much behind the exterior facade.  The Unwrap event let women like myself feel safe and able to open up.  I made meaningful relationships - not just for my business but honest friendships".

Shannon Gronich

Shannon Gronich - Speaker & President Business Acceleration Network

"This event is a must attend for women looking for community!  Tracy creates a sacred space that allows sharing and growing at a deeper level...Food, pajama party, and the vision boards were off the charts yummy fun!  I can hardly wait until next year".