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Promise In Brevard

A place where young adults with special needs can live a life full of opportunities and freedom never thought possible

Promise in Brevard
3040 W. New Haven Ave.
West Melbourne, FL 32904
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About Promise In Brevard

Promise in Brevard is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to improving the lives of young adults with special needs. Promise was created after co-founders, Betsy and Luke Farmer, had a vision for a housing campus for young adults with special needs. After a long – and sometimes challenging – journey, the Promise campus is becoming a reality and construction is nearly complete.

Because every person is unique, Promise will have varying levels of support based on individual needs. With a sense of independence long yearned for, Promise residents will have an all-inclusive, safe and fun place to live, among neighbors who care. Promise will also feature vocational training and employment opportunities with on-site training and continuing education.

While it will provide housing for individuals with varying abilities, the Promise concept features so much more than just a place to live. The Promise vision includes 10 "Social Enterprises" that will provide employment opportunities for Promise residents. 

The idea is to have all Promise residents working either out in the community or at one of these 10 social enterprises. The ability to earn a paycheck and become contributing members of society is a feeling and an achievement that cannot be overstated. We have been blessed with amazing community support over the years and look forward to this unique and beneficial concept becoming a reality with your support! "We Promise" to make these dreams come true.

The Story Behind Promise In Brevard

At the very center of Promise is a group of dedicated parents and family members led by a long-time advocate for children with special needs, Betsy Farmer. Betsy is no stranger to big challenges when faced with limited options for her son, Luke, who has Down syndrome. In 1987, Betsy created the award-winning Space Coast Early Intervention Center, based in Melbourne, Florida. There, children with and without special needs, play alongside each other in a program designed to foster friendships, social acceptance and preparation for school life.

As Luke grew older, Betsy realized that career options for her son were also limited and narrowly defined. Once again, Betsy fought stereotypes and worked with the business community to expand the employment opportunities for individuals with special needs..

Throughout Luke’s life, Betsy has provided constant encouragement and stimulation, instilling in him an “I can do it” attitude. As friends and family went off to college and began independent lives, Luke wondered when he, too, would be able to “move out and live on his own” like his big brother, Josh.

After researching housing options, it was clear there was no such fun, socially stimulating and safe environment as the type she envisioned for Luke. With that realization, the idea for Promise was born.

The duo began talking with other parents and young adults with special needs and realized there were many families that had similar wants and needs. The Promise design has been a labor of love and will be a place where individuals with special needs can live a life full of opportunities and freedom never thought possible. Promise will be the place that families of the future Promise residents have only dreamed of. They can rest assured that their loved ones with special needs will be taken care of when they are no longer able.

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