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Family Dining

From Passing Potatoes to iPhones

People have been gathering around the table for a delicious meal since the beginning of time. Whether it is for a special occasion or just a normal Friday night meal, families around the world gather to eat together.

Lately, the once common norm of everyday life has become less and less as an everyday thing to a special occasion. When I was younger we never ate as a family, always "fend for yourself" so everyone got to eat what they wanted. The only time we ate as a family was when we had guests over or some distant relative was in town so we'd break out the good silverware and pretend we do it everyday.

Nothing brings a family closer together than a good meal in front of them. Whether it is a home cooked meal or just some pizza ordered over the phone nothing brings a family together the way food does. It is like an invisible glue that holds us all together at the table.

Family dining is a way that family members can connect with each other. Instead of passing around smart phones so everyone could see the funny cat video, they're passing the green beans and talking about each others day. It's amazing how absorbed we are, staring at tiny little screens when outdoors, but once everyone is seated at the table, phones are put away and attention is set on each other. That's when families are the strongest.

Brevard County families have many choices when dining out.  Local restaurants in Brevard are family focused and understand the importance of dining together.  They offer kid's night specials and children's menus throughout the year. Families are coming together and enjoying their time and a great meal with each other, all over the Space Coast.