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55+ Services

We provide seniors the resources they need to stay active, get connected and find the community assistance they require.

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Senior Life...

Of all the states in the union, Florida is home to the largest population of our revered seniors. And of all the counties in Florida, Brevard has the most senior resident’s and is home to the largest senior population.

Recognizing this, EverythingBrevard.com has built a special category, a “one-stop-go-to-place” specifically designed to assist seniors and help them find everything and anything their lifestyle needs, wants, and demands.

From here, you are able to access the detailed information on the providers and their locations of such things as:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Retirement communities
  • In-home care and assistance
  • Medicare and Medicaid office locations
  • Medical equipment and accessories—walkers, etc.
  • Senior lifestyle events of all kinds
  • Attorneys specializing in seniors’ concerns
  • Businesses of all types offering seniors special discounts

EverythingBervard.com is the number one premier visual business directory and information portal covering all of Brevard County where anything you could need or want is just a click away.

Did you know in Brevard County SENIORS account for 1 in 4 people? That number is growing daily and this shift makes it clearly evident how important and necessary charting the right path will be. Helping Seniors of Brevard, a non-profit organization was created to allow SENIORS and CARETAKERS a place to call for improving the quality of life through the provision of information, education, and resources. An organization to access a full range of services. Allow us to help you. Helping Seniors of Brevard 321-473-7770

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