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Rigamaroll Art Rigamaroll Art

Rigamaroll Art

One-of-a-kind art made from unwanted and discarded materials.

Rigamaroll Art
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About Rigamaroll

Rigamaroll Art is the brainchild of multi-talented artist, Ardis Karr-Robak. It originated from her dual passions of creativity and sustainability. Ardis upcycles unwanted and discarded materials into unique conversation pieces. Each is thoughtfully crafted one at a time; no two are exactly alike.

Ardis composes the designs from rolled magazine pages and attaches them to cabinet doors, picture frames, scrap wood, corrugated tin, yard signs, and even a discarded side table. Some pieces have backgrounds of blended pastels—one of her favorite mediums—embellished with tile, craft paper, bottle caps, credit cards, and other bits and bobs.

Rigamaroll Art was launched in May 2022 with only four designs, after more than a year of conceptualizing and experimenting. The first design, Dapper Dachshund, was inspired by Ardis' affinity and history with dachshunds. By the end of the first year, Ardis had made 60 titled works including seasonal and custom pieces.

Rigamaroll Art had a booth at 22 vendor events and was available in 8 galleries and shops. Brevard Cultural Alliance's "Art in Public Places" has displayed her work in 3 venues, including a current exhibit in Viera's Government Complex building B through November 25. Her work is also available at Carolyn Seiler and Friends Artist Co-op in Cocoa Village. 

In addition to Ardis's artwork, Rigamaroll Art offers colorful, whimsical magnets handcrafted by women in Peru out of cornstarch and cured in the sun. The magnets come in more than 100 varieties including sea life, animals, fruit, and vegetables.

Learn more about Ardis in Everything Brevard's October 2023 collection of stories, and follow Rigamaroll Art on Facebook for weekly updates. 

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