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Peach, Elevated Athleisure & Accessories

Fashion for the gym, work, or play. Peach supports the empowerment of women though a unique shopping experience.

Athleisure by Peach
3540 Heartwood Ln.
Melbourne, FL 32934
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Meet Daryl

Daryl Davenport is a Personal Wardrobe Stylist with Peach from Melbourne. Her passion is helping women be more confident and owning their own story. She is a busy wife and mother of three who is driven by her desire to empower women as well as her entrepreneurial spirit.

Daryl’s husband travels for work and her children are getting older. About a year ago, she realized it was time for her to start making her own dreams a reality. With a professional background is in advertising sales and branding, the possibilities were endless. She wanted to be a part of something bigger than herself, a feel-good business that she could really pour her heart and soul into. When she discovered Peach, she knew it was a fit.

Peach is the vehicle by which Daryl drives her passion for fashion, retail, branding, and especially empowering women. In a short time, she became the TOP in Team Building and receive the Wonder Woman Award in 2017. Through Peach, Daryl is touching the lives of women all over Brevard and showing them that “our stories are what make us who we are.”

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About Peach

Peach, Athleisure & Accessories are contemporary fashion for today’s woman. Through a network of Personal Wardrobe Stylists, like Daryl, the brand is making its way into homes throughout the country. Founded on the simple idea that a lifestyle brand can elevate women to thrive personally and professionally, Peach is no ordinary clothing line.

Fashion for the gym, work, or play. There is something for everyone in the Peach collection. Our Stylists are given the tools and training to support women with a personal development program called THRIVE. This creates a unique shopping experience that is uplifting and can be life-changing. Just ask our Stylists!

Peach will showcase female-founded accessory brands each season, along with an array of amazing styles that will make you look great. Contact Daryl today so you don’t miss out!


Call 321.749.2008

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